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How Booklets Are Produced at instantprint

How Booklets Are Produced at instantprint

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18 Sep 2018

We’re dedicated to providing a quick and simple printing service, where you can order professional print products without the technical jargon – simply choose the product you want, upload your artwork and then order your print at the click of a button. But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of online printing? We followed an order of Stapled Booklets to find out exactly how our custom Booklets and Brochures are created once they enter the production process.



- Booklets start in Prepress, where their sections are allocated to a plate

- The plates then make it out to the printing presses when they’re reading for printing

- After we’ve printed them, the Booklets move into Finishing where they’re guillotined down into 4-page sections and placed on a trolley until all other sections are ready

- Once the job has been guillotined, we move it to our Horizon StitchLiner ready to be stitched

- The stitching operator then loads each 4-page section into the bins on the StitchLiner’s tower in the correct order to match the PDF of the artwork

- The StitchLiner pulls through all the sections and lines them up before stitching the Booklets

- Once stitched, Booklets are square trimmed to form the final product

- Then we box the Booklets, put them onto pallets and move them to Dispatch, where they are secondary boxed and labelled ready for delivery


Once you’ve got your finished Booklets in your hands, it’s completely up to you what happens to them next! You could use them as:

- Sales Brochures

- Event or Attraction Guides

- Prospectuses

- Product Showcase

- Menus & Drinks Lists

- Tourist Information & Maps


Jennie Talbot

About the Author

Hi! I’m Jennie, and I’m the Creative Lead at instantprint. I love using my design knowledge to inspire small businesses to think outside the box when designing their print.