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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grab the attention of passers-by, look no further than our brushed aluminium A-frames. Ideal for promoting new products, offers and campaigns, or for steering potential customers to your location, each frame comes with 2 pre-fitted graphics printed onto great quality weatherproof PVC stock. Choose from 5 sizes, A2 to A0, and stand them outside your establishment for immediate impact.

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A1 A-Frame with Two A1 Posters

A1 A-Frame with Two A1 Posters

  • Fits A1 size posters
  • Two PVC posters included
  • Delivered within four working days
From £117.60
A2 A-Frame with Two A2 Posters

A2 A-Frame with Two A2 Posters

  • Fits two A2 size posters
  • Poster design and two prints included
  • Snaps open and shut for easy print swaps
From £104.40

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Promote your business sustainably with our print options! Whatever impact you would like to make, we’ve got an option for every occasion and every business. We have the perfect size and paper stock to suit every occasion - no matter the budget you’re working with, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

We only use paper stocks from FSC® certified suppliers
The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) are an international organisation dedicated to improving responsible management of the world's forests. Look out for our FSC Certified products.
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We use FSC Mix and FSC Recycled for all of our prints, which are the most sustainable options.
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We earned our Carbon Neutral certificate in 2021, meaning we reduced our carbon emission as much as possible, then invested in offsets to balance out any leftover emissions.

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Our internal War on Waste campaign has been running since 2018, and has seen us change processes to reduce our waste output. We eliminated 100% of waste in our Inkjet stream and are working every day to go further!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make an A-Frame Sign

An A-frame board is essentially a double-sided poster frame than stands outside a shop or business to drive traffic inside. That means the only thing you’ll need to design is the poster!

First things first, you’ll need to choose one of the sizes we offer; either A2 poster frames or A0 if you want a really large poster frame!

Then, make your poster design to the size you’ve chosen. Make sure you add 3mm bleed area to each side to account for the bleed area and remember than a very slight area (around 10mm on each side) around the edges of the poster won’t be visible when it’s attached to the frame – just keep your main message central!

We recommend going for big fonts that can be read from a distance if you’re placing this outdoor sign outside your place of business. That way passers by will be able to read it easily.

The same poster is used on both sides of the A-frame sign so you only need one design. If you want to switch up or change your posters, you don’t need to order another A-frame – just order a new set of 220mic PVC posters to replace them.

What Are the Best Ways to Use A-Frame Signs?

An A-frame sign really makes a statement, but they work especially well in places where lots of people pass by – like busy roadsides and shopping streets. We print your graphics on a weatherproof stock and the stand itself is made from brushed aluminium, meaning they’re ideal for outdoor use to tempt customers in. They’re especially popular amongst restaurants and cafes, because it’s an eye-catching way to promote offers and specials.

A-frame poster holders aren’t just for pavements and street corners! They also make a big impact when used indoors to advertise sales and promotions.

How to Replace A-Frame Graphics

When you first order your A-frame, it’ll come with two poster graphics already pre-fitted so you can use it straight away. However, you can reorder PVC posters to replace the graphics whenever you want.

Our A-frame advertising boards have a snap frame, meaning you can refresh your graphics quickly and easily whenever you want. The corner parts of the frame will snap out, allowing you to remove the current poster design and replace it with fresh print whenever you want.