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Using personalised business stickers can boost your brands recognition and give your products, packaging and presentation an on brand and professional finish. Our range of self-adhesive labels and custom stickers are available in two different styles – small logo stickers, and window stickers. With our easy to use sticker design online feature, you can even create your own today. Whether you’re looking to create your own stickers to build your brand’s awareness or to perfect your gift wrapping, sticker printing is one of our most versatile and creative services. Our quick, easy step-by-step ordering process makes ordering personalised stickers a breeze.

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Standard Circle Stickers

Standard Circle Stickers

  • Pick from 37mm, 76mm and 88mm circles
  • White satin silk adhesive for a classic feel
  • Supplied on A4 sheets
From £24.08
Standard Square Stickers

Standard Square Stickers

  • Sizes are 37mm and 45mm square
  • Printed on classic silk adhesive
  • Delivered in two working days
From £26.49
Standard Rectangle Stickers

Standard Rectangle Stickers

  • 45 x 80mm, 88 x 63mm & 110 x 75mm available
  • 190gsm white satin permanent adhesive stock
  • Free sticker design templates here
From £28.53
Window Clings

Crackback Stickers

  • Sizes ranging from A4-A6
  • Crack and peel backing for stress free application
  • Order on a 1 Working day turnaround
From £33.13
Window Vinyl Stickers

Window Vinyl Stickers

  • 7 shapes and sizes available
  • Stick to the outside of your windows
  • Delivered within two working days
From £15.05

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Promote your business sustainably with our print options! Whatever impact you would like to make, we’ve got an option for every occasion and every business. We have the perfect size and paper stock to suit every occasion - no matter the budget you’re working with, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

We only use paper stocks from FSC® certified suppliers
The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) are an international organisation dedicated to improving responsible management of the world's forests. Look out for our FSC Certified products.
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We use FSC Mix and FSC Recycled for all of our prints, which are the most sustainable options.
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We earned our Carbon Neutral certificate in 2021, meaning we reduced our carbon emission as much as possible, then invested in offsets to balance out any leftover emissions.

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Meet Lucie Cooke Design

"We are currently loving the foiled business cards, they look absolutely stunningand definitely up our game when it comes to offering something unique."

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Our Sticker Customer Reviews

10 Point Quality Check

Our in-house Studio team’s famous artwork check. Every single time you place an order with instantprint, your artwork will be personally checked by a member of the team using our rigorous (and 100% free) 10 point quality check.

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Using Stickers to Help Charity Candy Flourish

Meet Kamran Zaman: Founder of Charity Candy

In 2015 we launched a search to find Britain’s most inspirational small business owner. Our search brought us to sweet lover Kamran Zaman.

Kamran spotted an opportunity to sell Halal sweet boxes for charity in his community and Charity Candy was born. The business sells sweets at a whole host of shops, offices and events. Kamran was awarded £1500 for winning along with a selection of printed stickers and other products like our business cards, flyers and posters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a Size

We offer a huge range of sticker sizes for multiple uses. Here’s a quick rundown of the shapes and sizes available for label printing and how to best use them:

  • Small circle, square and rectangle – we recommend only using this size for logo stickers as text can be illegible. You could use them for sealing envelopes with your logo on for quick and affordable branding
  • Medium circle, square and rectangle – ideal for sales stickers and event handouts, they benefit from minimal text on the design
  • Large circle and rectangle – these make great branded laptop stickers and are large enough to have legible text
  • Extra-large rectangle – the perfect size for bottle labels or address labels

Setting Up Your Artwork

If you want to create a circle sticker design, you don’t actually need to set your artwork up as a circle! Set them up as a square and that’ll act as your bleed area, like this:

Square Artwork_1.png

Circle Sticker_1.png

For a step-by-step guide, check out our sticker artwork guide .

Note: due to the small size of standard stickers, we recommend using a resolution of at least 600dpi to make sure the final printed product is high quality. Here’s how to check and change your resolution .

Need Extra Help with Your Design?

Click on the custom business stickers you want on this page and download a free blank template on the next page! Simply click on the design program icons to download a blank template you can edit in the Adobe Suite. Not familiar with Adobe? Don’t worry, we’ve also got loads of pre-designed sticker templates that you can customise for free online. Check out our full range here!

If you have specific questions about setting up your design, our Personal Artworkers are happy to walk you through this - get in touch with them here .

Uploading Your Label Printing Design

All that’s left to do is send your artwork to us! Simply add your chosen size and quantity to your basket and you’ll be prompted to upload your design. Or you can carry on shopping and upload your artwork in your basket.

How Do My Stickers Arrive?

We’ll send your custom business stickers out to you on A4 sheets of adhesive stock. Your stickers will arrive in an A4 envelope ready for you to kick-start your branding quest. You’ll then be able to peel them off to use straight away or cut them out for easy distribution.

As our stickers are produced on flat sheets, they aren’t going to fit into a machine for automated sticker application. Our stickers are geared towards our small business audience who are after a cost-effective way of enhancing their branding.

Vinyl Floor, Wall and Window Stickers, and Clings

Due to their large sizes, we pre-cut all of our floor, wall and window stickers and stack them on top of each other to send to you! To use them, simply peel off the bottom layer to reveal the sticky adhesive and apply them to a clean, flat surface.

Waterproof Stickers

Just like our standard stickers, A4 waterproof self-adhesive labels are supplied on sheets, ready for you to peel and apply to your bottles, jars and other packaging as and when you need them.

What are Stickers Made From?

Stickers are types of labels printed on paper or vinyl with an adhesive on one side. These materials are pressure sensitive, meaning they stick to a surface once you apply pressure to them. We offer sticker printing in all kinds of shapes and sizes and they have lots of different uses, from functional to decorative. The material you choose for your stickers depends on what you intend to use them for. Here’s a quick summary of what each of our different kinds of stickers are printed on.

Standard Stickers & Labels

Our circle, square and rectangle stickers and labels are all printed on 190gsm white silk adhesive stock, which gives a thick premium feel with a slight gloss and permanent-adhesive qualities. We supply these on A4 sheets.

Vinyl Floor Stickers

We print our floor stickers on 95mic white removable floor vinyl, which is a super-adhesive removable stock that’s really thin, which prevents tripping and the edges from peeling. Once printed, we then apply a 100mic clear PVC film over the top of the sticker which protects is from fading and scratching as well as making them slip-resistant.

Window Stickers

Printed on 95mic removable vinyl, our window and wall stickers are a long-term option, yet easy to remove without any mess. This material will stick on any smooth surface – the possibilities are endless!

Window Clings

Window clings are printed on 150mic gloss white self-cling and are designed to be reusable. The beauty of window clings is that, if you don’t like how you’ve positioned your window sticker, you can just peel it off and re-stick it! This material uses the static from your window to stick, rather than an adhesive, so there are no sticky marks left behind after use.

Waterproof Stickers

For packaging labels and stickers that stay stuck – no matter the material or condensation level – try our 200gsm waterproof stickers. This is an ultra-adhesive sticker designed to last, but with a slick, lightweight feel that elevates your branding. Ideal for jars, beer bottles and wine bottles, they’re available in a range of shapes such as oval, scallop and plaque.

Sticker Delivery Information

Depending on the quantity of stickers you order (i.e. if the package will fit through a letterbox or not), you may get a choice of couriers at the checkout. For smaller orders of custom business stickers, you can choose Royal Mail’s first class delivery for £2.99 and expect to receive them in 1-2 working days after we’ve produced them. You can also choose DPD standard delivery for £4.99 and they’ll be with you 1 working day after production. Check out our delivery timetable here .

How to Remove Sticker Residue

When you’ve been using a traditional sticker for a long time, it can leave a sticky residue on the surface of whatever it is you’ve stuck it on.

Although it can be tempting to scratch it off with something sharp, this can cause damage to the surface of your products. To safely remove the residue, we recommend applying an acetone-based nail polish remover to a slightly damp cloth to gently roll the residue off. Use hot soapy water for any remaining residue.

Can I Write On My Stickers?

For standard stickers, your artwork will be printed on A4 label sheets on an adhesive silk paper. This means it is silky paper on one side and sticky on the other. You’ll be able to write on the paper side of your stickers easily with a pencil or ball point pen.

Vinyl floor and wall stickers are not designed to be written on so please include all information you want them to display on the printed design.

How Sticky are instantprint’s Stickers?

Our standard stickers are printed on 190gsm white satin matt stock, which has permanent adhesive qualities that make our range perfect for long- or short-term indoor use. You can stick our stickers to cardboard, plastic, walls, metal surfaces, clothing and even plastic and paper bags, making them a fantastic all-rounder to add to your promotional toolkit.

Bottles and jars can often get damp from condensation, especially if left in a cool place like a fridge or cellar. Our new waterproof sticker range eliminates any issues of peeling due to dampness.

Our wall and floor vinyls are printed on 95mic removable white vinyl sticker. This is a thin yet sturdy material that won’t peel away until you’re finished with it, meaning it’s a safe option for non-trip floor markings. It’s also easy to clean – just clean it along with your floor using the same disinfectant or soapy water you normally would and it’ll still stay stuck!

What is the Best Way to Use My Stickers?

1) Packaging

If you make your own stickers, you’ve immediately got the finishing touch for perfect packaging. Seal a box with a sticker which reads “enjoy” or personalise packaging with a sticker printed with your logo and the product description. Self-adhesive labels or stickers showcasing your company colours will bring all packaging in line with the rest of your branding. A pop of colour from your sticker will go a long way to spruce up otherwise plain packaging!

Jars, boxes, bags, bottles, wrapping… however you decorate your product, add your brand’s touch to it. Not a product-based business? Placing them on your envelopes or correspondence cards will also add a quirky twist to your communications and instant recognition for your brand.

2) Address & Return Labels

Why not design your own stickers to create address labels which are unique to your brand? Use rectangle stickers to write the address of your customer on, or print your own address onto them as a return label. It’s a much funkier option than your standard label and a fantastic touch for your brand.

Simply leave enough room to scribble down your customer's address when designing your sticker and you’ve got yourself another amazing way to promote your brand, delivered straight to your customer’s door!

3) Name Tags

Hosting an event? Attending a conference? Go old-school and create customised nametags that will spark introductions. Especially useful when there’s a gathering of people from lots of different companies and you want the conversation to start flowing. Choose fonts and colours that align with your brand and get talking!

4) Promote a Sale

Custom business stickers are perfect for attaching temporary pricing to your products when a sale is on. Use bright colours to attract attention and stick on labels, shelves or stands to inform your customers of the saving. Even without a sale on, stickers are the perfect way to price up your products or stick on menus.

Go one step further and make a sticker that simply reads “thanks” to pop on receipts to show customers your appreciation and create a lasting impression after purchase. Check out our free stickers templates to create the perfect design!

How do Our Customers Use Stickers?

“Around Christmas I host calligraphy workshops and have been using the beautiful silk sticker option from instantprint for a luxurious, professional feel.” – Dash Designs

Find out more about how founder of Dash Designs Carla (and her gorgeous little pup, Dashy) use print for their bespoke stationery business .

Be Inspired: Customer Sticker Designs

We’re always incredibly inspired by your designs – in fact, there’s nothing we love more than scrolling through your creations that are tagged #instantprintuk on Instagram. Make sure you use this tag for a chance to be featured on our website, mailers or social media channels!