Foil Printing Services

For luxury print, look no further than our foil printing range, available in gold, silver, copper, red, green, blue and holographic. Perfect for adding a metallic finish to select parts of your design for eye-catching and memorable print. Available on our most popular print options including premium business cards, flyers and booklets. We cure your metallic foiling on top of a layer of spot UV gloss, making for a smooth, high-precision finish. Our foil stamping services offer undeniably the best way to create one-of-a-kind print that makes your business look incredible.

2023 Stapled Calendars
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Foil Printing

2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Foil Business Cards

  • 85mm x 55mm
  • Thick 450gsm silk stock
  • Delivered in two working days
From £18.48
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars


  • Choose from a variety of sizes
  • Choose from classic 250gsm or super-thick 350gsm
  • Foiling available on matt lamination
From £37.27
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

Stapled Booklets

  • A variety of sizes available
  • Choose a variety of foiling options on a soft matt finish
  • Delivered in two working days
From £65
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Foil Greetings Cards

  • A range of sizes to choose from
  • 3 foiling colours – customise your cards!
  • Classic, premium and red envelopes available
From £37.72
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Foil Folded Leaflets

  • A range of sizes to choose from
  • Half-fold, C-fold and Z-fold leaflets available
  • Delivered in two working days
From £31.71
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

Foil Invitations

  • Shiny gold and silver, and copper
  • Envelopes included with every order
  • Delivered in two working days
From £35.17
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Interlocking Presentation Folders

  • Available in A4 & A5 sizes
  • Printed on thick 350gsm silk
  • Add foiling to the front cover
From £103.79
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Foil Christmas Cards

  • Pick from a range of popular sizes
  • Choose from gold, silver and copper foil
  • Choose from 3 types of envelopes, including red
From £37.72
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Perfect Bound Booklets

  • Five sizes to choose from
  • A premium booklet printing option
  • Different inner page types to select from
From £130.79
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars


  • Printed at A6 size
  • Coated in a single sided matt lamination
  • Choose from Gold, Silver or Copper foil.
From £20.88
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

Swing Tags

  • Add more luxury to your gifts
  • Parcel and Swing tags available
  • String included for attaching to gifts
From £28.00

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Sustainably Sourced

Promote your business sustainably with our print options! Whatever impact you would like to make, we’ve got an option for every occasion and every business. We have the perfect size and paper stock to suit every occasion - no matter the budget you’re working with, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

We only use paper stocks from FSC® certified suppliers
The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) are an international organisation dedicated to improving responsible management of the world's forests. Look out for our FSC Certified products.
We use the greenest paper options available
We use FSC Mix and FSC Recycled for all of our prints, which are the most sustainable options.
We 're Carbon Neutral
We earned our Carbon Neutral certificate in 2021, meaning we reduced our carbon emission as much as possible, then invested in offsets to balance out any leftover emissions.

We 're ISO 14001:2015 Certified

We work towards a set of environmental management standards where an external auditor measures our impact on the environment. We then create a plan of action on how to keep reducing the impact every year!

War on Waste Campaign

Our internal War on Waste campaign has been running since 2018, and has seen us change processes to reduce our waste output. We eliminated 100% of waste in our Inkjet stream and are working every day to go further!

Recyclable Packaging
Responsible Waste Management
Plastic Reduction Strategy
10 Point Artwork Check
Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Setting Up Your Artwork for Print

How to Make Print-Ready Files in Photoshop CC

Setting up your document is the first step in designing your own print materials, but it can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. How do you add bleed? What resolution should it be? Not to fear, we’ve slowed the whole process down and taken it step-by-step to show best practice and answer your questions. In this video, we’ll show you the best way to make a print-ready PDF with bleed using Adobe Photoshop CC, including how to add bleed, inserting images and exporting the document as a PDF so it’s ready for print. For more artwork and design help, check out our artwork guides here.

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What is foiling in Printing?

Foiling is a finishing technique where heat, pressure and glossy UV are used to bind a thin film of metal (foil) to paper or card. Foil printing is generally used to create a memorable and high-quality finish and is popular for premium businesses’ print and wedding stationery.
Learn more

How to Set Up Foiling Artwork for Print

Foiling is an additional finish that allows you to add a shiny metallic foil to your design in specific areas. This is great for making logos and text stand out, or adding a unique texture to your artwork.
Learn more

How to Upload & Proof-Check Artwork for Print

Once your design is ready to go, the only thing left to do is send it to us and approve your proof! If you’re not sure how to upload your artwork, what a proof is or what you’re supposed to look out for when checking your proof, we’ve got it all covered in this handy guide.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Foiling Process Work?

After we’ve printed your artwork, we’ll apply a layer of spot gloss to the area of your design you want the foiling to be. This is a slightly raised gloss that the foil sticks to.

A foil sheet is then applied to this area and cured under UV light. The curing process essentially sticks the foil to the areas of your design where gloss has been applied.

Why is Foiling Only Available with Matt Lamination

Foiling is available on matt laminated stocks because this gives the best contrast in textures.

How Do I set My Foiling Artwork Up for Print?

Creating a foiling design requires a little more work than normal artwork because you’ll need to create multiple files. Here’s the simplest way to do this.

Create your artwork as normal and save it as a PDF. Then, delete any elements you don’t want to have foiling on. You’ll need to delete the background or set it to transparent so your entire design isn’t covered in foil.

If you want any other foiling elements that aren’t part of your original artwork – like a background pattern or border, add these now.

Then change all these elements to a bright colour, like orange, so our team knows which areas to apply foiling to.

Save with the same name as your original file, but with _Foiling at the end, e.g. Business-Card_Foiling.

For more advice, and to see some examples of what your foiling artwork might look like, check out our Foiling Guide here .

Do you offer double-sided foiling?

We recognise the importance of high-quality print for our customers, which is why we never send out any finished product that doesn’t meet our gold standard. When we apply foil to our print, it must be cured at a high temperature to set it into place. When we apply heat to the second side for double-sided foiling, this can leave the first side looking less than perfect. For that reason, we don’t offer double-sided foiling.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Foiling?

The beauty of custom foiling printing is you get to choose exactly where you want your gold or silver foil to go! If you’re not sure, or want some more ideas, here are some examples of ways you can enhance your design with a foil finish.

Foil logo – adding foiling to your logo is probably one of the most common ways foiling is used. Why? Because it looks fantastic! And it’s pretty easy to do. If you want foiling added to your logo, our team can do this for you – just get in touch with us here !

Foil border – Although we don’t recommend using foil all the way up to the edge of your print, adding a border 3mm away from the outside edges is a great way to frame your design, and add a minimalist (yet classy) gold or silver accent.

Repeated background pattern – from flecks to spots and stripes, using foiling to create a pattern is never a bad choice!

Foil icons – if you include social media icons and a telephone icon, add gold or silver foiling and your all-important contact details will be impossible to ignore.