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Stapled printing allows you to create convenient, easy-to-read and cost-effective promotional materials that get a lot of information in front of your audience. Our range lets you produce information booklets, product catalogues and newsletters than can be used to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty. And with next day delivery, you’ll receive your items quickly.
Bound booklets offer stability, style and flair for your brand, to make your marketing material stand out from the crowd. We offer a variety of sizes, ranging from A4 to DL, so you’re sure to find the right size for your business needs. Thanks to our fastening method that keeps each page glued securely, this material is ideal for your next catalogue.

Wire binding can help your promotional materials look sleek and professional, and we offer sizes ranging from DL to A4. This method of binding is well suited to company presentations, reports and other key documents. Built to last, these highly durable booklets can handle a significant amount of wear and tear, making them a sound long-term investment for brands.

Whether you’re celebrating at a wedding, or mourning at a funeral, the order of service is a vital part of the day. Keep guests up to speed throughout the course of the event and give them a memento of the occasion to take home. Our orders of service are printed on 120gsm uncoated stock, and you can add 160gsm uncoated covers.
Notebooks are a quirky and effective way to put your brand in front of prospective customers. As impressive as they are useful, they’re a promotional tool with a difference. With A4 and A5 sizes available on either lined or plain inners, your custom printed notebooks will also be ideal for company presentations, giveaway prizes, interviews and more.

How They're Made: Stapled Booklets

How to Make a Brochure

Once you have your style and design ready, simply send it to our Studio team, who will be able to review how print-ready it is using our rigorous 10 point check process. Whether you’re looking to use brochures for direct mail or to give out at your next business event, we can provide a high-quality, quick-turnaround brochure printing service so your business can flourish with print.

How Can Booklet Printing Services Help Your Business?

As the intrusive nature of online marketing continues to have an impact on customer loyalty, booklet printing services can help to appeal to customers in a simpler way. By creating engaging and informative marketing booklets and sending them to your target demographic, you can attract new customers at a lower cost than digital methods.

What Can Booklets Be Used For?

Booklets have a wide range of different uses. Whether you’re looking at using us for catalogue printing or programme printing services, we can provide the solution you need to create informative materials to boost your profile.

Stapled Booklets

Stapled Booklets, (sometimes referred to as Saddle Stitched or just Stitched) are bound with a lengthy metal wire similar to how a sewing machine works. The pages are fed into our machines which are “jogged” to ensure all sheets are perfectly aligned. The machine then works its magic and intricately feeds the wire through the sheets until the brochure is neatly sealed together. The wire is then folded to form the “staple” which elegantly binds the booklet together.

Perfect Bound Booklets

For the ultimate professional feel, Perfect Bound Booklets will guarantee to impress. We arrange your sheets in line, then glue one side which becomes the spine using PVA glue, which is then wrapped by a secure, strong cover. This binding type is ideal for corporate brochures, prospectuses or larger product and service catalogues thanks to its stylish, neat finish.

The finished product is fundamentally a paperback book, with the spine being thick enough to write on if you want your brochure to stand out on a bookshelf! Our recommendation for Perfect Bound Brochures is always to keep them over 40 printed pages to make the most of the sturdy spine. Again, there are 6 sizes currently available to suit all needs, budgets and sizes.

Choose the Right Size

Both our Stapled and Perfect Bound Brochures come in six sizes, so there’s plenty of options for you to find the perfect size.

  • A6 Brochures are perfect for handy mini-guides and compact instruction manuals
  • A5 Booklets are a popular choice for recipe collections, menus or product catalogues since they are small enough to pop in your bag with plenty of room to experiment with design
  • A4 Booklets have ample room for all the information you want to get across. Play around to find the perfect format since there’s plenty of space for a dramatic, informative and gorgeous brochure
  • We have two sizes of Square Booklets, 140mm and 210mm which are ideal for estate agency booklets, programmes or corporate magazines
  • DL Brochures are our sleekest option, with a slim line shape for a professional flair and elegant finish