Point of Sale & Large Format Printing

One of the best ways to build up your brand identity is by showing it off! Get your name out there with our collection of large format print products including our increasing exhibition and point of sale (POS) range. From eye-catching displays to standout banners, if you 're looking for a way to demand attention for your business, look no further than large format printing.

Banners and Point of Sale Printing
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Large Format

Shelf talkers

Standard Roller Banners

  • Printed on 220mic PVC
  • Measuring 800mm x 2000mm
  • Free carry case and setup cassette
From £42.00
Bollard covers

Premium Roller Banners

  • Three widths available
  • Comes with a luxury carry case and base cassette
  • Delivered within two working days
From £96.00
Shelf wobblers

Extra Wide Roller Banners

  • 220mic PVC material
  • Choose from three sizes
  • We’ll include a carry case and base cassette
From £67.20

PVC Banners

  • 15 sizes to choose from
  • Printed on thick, weatherproof 440gsm PVC
  • Pre-cut eyelets for easy installation on a range of surfaces
From £27.00

Point Of Sale Products



  • From roller banners to PVC signs
  • Use banners to grab attention
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Indoor and outdoor options available
From £42.00
Strut cards

Strut Cards

  • Printed on ultra-thick 450gsm silk stock
  • Choose A4 or A5
  • Fixed to a sturdy box-board strut
From £42.27
Large format strut signs

Large Format Strut Signs

  • A1 strut banner printing
  • Free-standing for floor displays
  • Corrugated strut for extra stability
From £39.86
Exhibition pop ups

Exhibition Popups

  • Printed on PVC/Latex with a scratch-resistant coating
  • Carry case, podium, aluminium frame and halogen lights included
  • Choose from four different sizes
From £473.03


  • Indoor and outdoor options available
  • Choose from cardboard, correx, dibond, foam and magnetic
  • Ideal for advertising on the go
From £21.18
Table talkers

Table Talkers

  • Printed on sturdy thick silk paper
  • Choose from three different sizes
  • 3 sides mean you can advertise from every angle
From £52.66
Desktop roller banners

Desktop Roller Banners

  • Choose from A3 or A4 size
  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Easy to assemble
From £26.40
Tent cards

Tent Cards

  • Available in sizes A5 and A6
  • Suitable for desks, dining tables and counters
  • Add lamination for splash-proof print
From £42.08

10 Point Quality Check

Our in-house Studio team’s famous artwork check. Every single time you place an order with instantprint, your artwork will be personally checked by a member of the team using our rigorous (and 100% free) 10 point quality check.

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Quality Print,

Sustainably Sourced

Promote your business sustainably with our print options! Whatever impact you would like to make, we’ve got an option for every occasion and every business. We have the perfect size and paper stock to suit every occasion - no matter the budget you’re working with, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

We only use paper stocks from FSC® certified suppliers
The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) are an international organisation dedicated to improving responsible management of the world's forests. Look out for our FSC Certified products.
We use the greenest paper options available
We use FSC Mix and FSC Recycled for all of our prints, which are the most sustainable options.
We 're Carbon Neutral
We earned our Carbon Neutral certificate in 2021, meaning we reduced our carbon emission as much as possible, then invested in offsets to balance out any leftover emissions.

We 're ISO 14001:2015 Certified

We work towards a set of environmental management standards where an external auditor measures our impact on the environment. We then create a plan of action on how to keep reducing the impact every year!

War on Waste Campaign

Our internal War on Waste campaign has been running since 2018, and has seen us change processes to reduce our waste output. We eliminated 100% of waste in our Inkjet stream and are working every day to go further!

Recyclable Packaging
Responsible Waste Management
Plastic Reduction Strategy
10 Point Artwork Check
Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

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High resolution is the secret to print that looks amazing – especially when it comes to your shop displays. But what is it and how do you make sure your artwork has got it? Here’s everything you need to know.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Print Excellence, Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional large format printing services. Our constant investment in industry-leading print machinery means that through our large format digital printing, we can produce high quality at competitive prices. Check out this video for a behind the scenes peek at how we produce excellent quality print.

PVC Banners or Posters?

With waterproof PVC options available on posters, which should you choose for your outdoor promotions: banner or poster printing?

Your decision will depend on what you need them for. Here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons of both choices.

  • Outdoor Posters

Large format posters are a much more affordable option. You can also choose between two thicknesses of PVC material. However, they don’t come with eyelets already built in for easy attachment and they aren’t as sturdy as banners. If you’re looking to run short term outdoor advertising or window graphics, PVC posters are your best option on a budget.

  • PVC Banners

Although more expensive, the banner PVC we print on is a thicker, sturdier material than that used for PVC posters. This makes for fantastic long-term outdoor advertising. There’s also a wide range of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect banner for your display area.

The Ultimate Exhibition Kit

The best way to grab attention at exhibitions? Get your brand out there with our banners and large format print products! With unrivalled space to get across your name and message, our banners and pop up ranges are the perfect way to show off. Below we’ve rounded the best products from our large format printing collection which are unmissable when you’re taking your business to an event.

Banners &  POS

Roller Banners

Our roller banners or pop up banners are free-standing, meaning you can concentrate on networking whilst your banner captivates attention. They measure up at 80 x 200cm so they are easy to assemble whilst remaining tall enough to pull in passers-by.

They’re printed on a durable 300mic and built to last, with a free lightweight carry case to ensure stress-free transportation. Keep your pop up stands designs simple, bold and on brand to make the biggest impact at your exhibition. Need some inspiration? We’ve got hundreds of free roller banner design templates for you to personalise for some real promotional pizzazz.

Banners &  POS

Wide Roller Banners

When you need to make an impact, the wider the better! Our wide format banner stands come in at a whopping 200mm broader than our standard roller banners, whilst keeping the same height of two meters to be seen at a distance.

The lightweight carry case makes it easy to transport even with the extra width, with an aluminium pole for simple assembly. Get creative with your designs and take advantage of the fuller surface area for a striking message that makes waves at your exhibition.

Banners &  POS

Pop Up Display Stands

Exhibition stands are certain to cause a scene and get you noticed at exhibitions and events. Everything you need to set up a successful stand is included, from the aluminium frame to the carry case which is also used as the podium.

Halogen lamps ensure your message shines, whilst the 500mic PVC/Latex Hybrid ensures durability. We have four sizes available to suit all exhibition sizes and needs, from the sleek 2019 x 2230mm through to a mammoth 4038 x 2230mm.

Banners &  POS


If you’ve got a trade show or event coming up, why not steal the show with a personalised printed flags ? Our range comes in two styles, feather flags and teardrop flags . They 're available in three different sizes and come with a free flag pole! Available at a cheap price in range of small, medium and large sizes.

Banners &  POS

What Do Our Customers Think?

"We also use table talkers to advertise our wine lists, special events, restaurant deals, and Sunday carvery and guests can spot these in every caravan across the site."- Chris, Cofton Holidays

Banners &  POS

"I really love the quality of our table talkers and strut cards - they 're perfect to showcase this seasons offers and new products "- Rebecca, Vanilla Rooms