An essential product across a range of industries, our custom glued notepads are ideal for all kinds of situations. Whether you’re jotting down important details in the office, handing out activity sheets or crafting a series of customised organisation planners to sell on Etsy, a notepad is the perfect solution.With a wide range of sizes available and backed by a protective and sturdy grey board casing, you can be confident that our notepads can withstand all kinds of use. Enjoy writable stocks, a variety of printed pages and binding options that you can customise completely!

2023 Stapled Calendars
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2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

A7 Notepads

  • Small but mighty, perfect for little ideas, contact details or messages.
  • Easily tearaway and discard sensitive information.
From £34.94
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

A6 Notepads

  • Perfect for giveaways and handing out, simply add your branding.
  • Premium 120gsm uncoated writable stock.

From £39.22
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

DL Notepads

  • Thin and compact, take it on the go or place it handily on your desk.
  • Glued to a protective 750mic greyboard casing.
From £41.50
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

A5 Notepads

  • Ideal for conferences and hotels, easily take notes whenever you need
  • Make sure your week is an organised one with a handy customised weekly planner.
  • Thin 90gsm uncoated writable stock
From £46.48
2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

A4 Notepads

  • The perfect corporate solution, a professionally branded business notepad
  • Available with 25, 50 or 100 writable pages
From £62.15
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

A3 Notepads

  • Ditch the loose sheets and keep all your notes, tasks, and ideas at your fingertips
  • Long-edge or short-edge bound

From £96.07

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2023 A5 Stapled Calendars

Desk Pads

  • A3 Size
  • Larger in size to pack in those all-important tasks, notes, and contact details.
From £96.07
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

Weekly Planners

  • A5 & A4 Sizes
  • Make sure your week is an organised one with a handy customised weekly planner.
From £46.48
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

Memo Pad

  • A6 size
  • Jot down thoughts and ideas on the go with a neat and compact memo pad.
From £34.94
2023 A4 Stapled Calendars

To-Do List

  • DL Size
  • Tick things off your agenda with a to-do list notepad and keep on top of tasks.
From £41.50

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We use FSC Mix and FSC Recycled for all of our prints, which are the most sustainable options.
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Setting Up Your Artwork for Print

How to Make Print-Ready Files in Photoshop CC

Setting up your document is the first step in designing your own print materials, but it can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. How do you add bleed? What resolution should it be? Not to fear, we’ve slowed the whole process down and taken it step-by-step to show best practice and answer your questions. In this video, we’ll show you the best way to make a print-ready PDF with bleed using Adobe Photoshop CC, including how to add bleed, inserting images and exporting the document as a PDF so it’s ready for print. For more artwork and design help, check out our artwork guides here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make custom notepads

To create a custom notepad, we will need your artwork to be supplied as a single page document and set up in line with our usual print specifications. Your design will be printed on all pages of your notepad, so we’d recommend a template or design that will remain relevant when repeated.

Our custom notepads are also just like other products on our website! Simply create your artwork as usual, whether it’s a simple brand logo or a full weekly planner template, then send it to our artwork team after purchase at

How to use a notepad

Notepads are incredibly versatile and can do so much more than just take notes!

Most popularly they can be used as an organisational tool, turn it into a tick list, to-do list, weekly or daily planner or even desk pad.

If you want to get creative, our notepads can also be used for colouring or activity sheets, tearaway menus, placemats or taking orders and writing invoices.

Alternatively, they can be given to customers. They’re ideal as giveaways for events or competitions and they’re also popular for conference and hotel rooms.

How to make a small notepad

If you’re not in need of a large notepad, we have alternative sizes available! We’d recommend an A7, A6 or DL finish size if you’re looking to create a mini notepad. Although smaller, they’re perfect for jotting down important details on the fly.

How many pages in a notepad?

Our notepads are available with 25, 50 or 100 writable pages. This way, you can select the quantity that best fits the purpose of your notepads.

How much is a notepad?

Depending on the size, stock, and pagination you choose, our notepad printing will differ in price, but you’ll always find our pricing to be consistent and reflective of our quality products!