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Sustainable Printing

Here at instantprint, not only do we want your print to look amazing - we want it to be as sustainable as possible. We're constantly working on ways to offer sustainable print solutions, whether that's giving you more recycled options or switching up how we produce our print!

We've used this page to shout about all the things we do to make sure we keep our promise, as well as which products are perfect for an environmentally conscious business like yours.

Our Eco Friendly Printing Range

Recycled Flyers

Recycled Flyers

Recycled Business Cards

Recycled Business Cards

Recycled Greetings Cards

Recycled Greetings Cards

Recycled Invitations

Recycled Invitations


High Quality Print, Sustainably Sourced

That's our promise. And not just across our recycled range. We looked high and low to source the very best paper stocks, and every single one of them (and there are a lot, believe us!) are from FSC certified suppliers.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organisation dedicated to improving responsible management of the world's forests. As well as helping to maintain the world's forests, we use the greenest options available to us for our prints - FSC Mix and FSC Recycled.


We're ISO 14001:2015 Certified!

We're certified (and working towards) a set of environmentally management standards called ISO 14001:2015. This means, once a year, we're inspected by external auditors (not as scary as it sounds) who measure our environmental impact. They then provide us with a plan on how to be even better for the next year. This means we're always working towards reducing our impact on the environment, which is better for us, you, the planet - everyone, really!

97 Waste

Managing Waste, Responsibly

Being an eco-friendly online printer isn't just about the paper we use and the processes we have in place; making sure that our waste is managed in a responsible way is a key ingredient to our recipe for environmental success.

As well as working with loads of different waste management partners to recycle 97% of our waste output, every single person behind the print has an important part to play too. We train our production team as print producing experts to limit mistakes, have a 10-point studio check so every piece of artwork prints perfectly first time and run an internal war on waste campaign where all departments are set targets for reducing waste output. Learn more about our War on Waste here.

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Our Future Plans for Print Sustainability

We're not claiming to be perfect. (Who is?) We've done a lot to reduce our impact on the environment - but we know there's still a long way to go, both for instantprint and the printing industry. To make sure we're paving the way to a better world for both print and planet, here are our future plans.

Sustainability Bag

Reducing Plastic

Finding the balance between strong and supportive packaging and packaging that's easy to recycle is always on our minds. We've recently reduced shrink wrapping on our business cards by 67% and made sure that all the plastic we do use is fully recyclable.

Sustainability Sun

Self-Sufficient Energy

One thing we're super excited about is becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to energy. We're currently in the process of sourcing solar panels for our production facility to help us reach our next goal of being 40% self-sufficient.


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