Green Team & Culture

Our team plays a vital role in driving change at instantprint. From training up a team of sustainability experts to feedback loops and awards, here’s more information on the impact our team has on our goals.

Inspiring a Green Culture

There are several benefits of inspiring a green team culture at work. Here’s why we believe it’s important to make sure our team plays a key role in living and breathing our sustainability strategy:

Improved Employee Engagement

Employees who feel that their work has a positive impact on the environment are more likely to be engaged and motivated

Encourage Efficiencies

Implementing sustainable practices can lead to cost and energy savings, such as reducing energy and water consumption

Increased Innovation

Encouraging a green team culture can lead to the development of new, innovative solutions – we always take our team’s suggestions on board!

Empowering Our Team to Live Our Values

We always cite the secret to our success as our people, which is why we invest in continuous training for our team. Our Personal Development and Wellbeing Trainer, Sean, has launched sustainability training sessions to make sure the team is up to speed with everything they can be doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

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Cycle to Work Scheme

To encourage our team to choose more sustainable methods of transport for their commute, we’ve partnered with Cyclescheme which enables our employees to access a bike at a discounted price. The team also has access to regular bicycle servicing to keep their bikes in tip top shape.

Real Living Wage Employer

We’re proud to have been a Real Living Wage accredited company since 2019, providing a fairer and more enjoyable working environment for our employees. Our Co-Founder James Kinsella explained:

“At instantprint, one of our company values is ‘everyone contributes and values’. In the spirit of upholding this particular value, we want to show that we’re voluntarily taking a stand to ensure our colleagues can earn a wage with us that is higher than the minimum set by the Government and is enough to live comfortable on.

“That basic fairness is at the heart of our operations and why we choose as a business to go further than the Government minimum.

“As well as it being the right thing to do, there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the business benefits of becoming a Living Wage employer.

“For us, it makes absolute business sense as it ensures that we attract and retain the best and most motivated staff. We want good people and the Real Living Wage is an excellent way of onboarding and keeping them.”

Meet Our Sustainability Manager at instantprint

"As Sustainability Manager, I am responsible for the development and delivery of our Sustainability Strategy. Supporting global climate targets to protect the planet as well as developing an internal team, and external supply chain that mirrors our sustainability values is key to the strategy and my role."

"Collaborating with colleagues across the business I maintain our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, monitor and improve our Carbon footprint, and engage with our suppliers to ensure we’re continuously improving our environmental and sustainability performance."

Sustainability Awards