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A7 flyers & leaflets
If you want to get noticed, make a play for the trendy A7 flyer. Printed on your choice of three impressive paper weights, it’s half the size of the A6 and the next big thing in flyers.
A6 flyers and leaflets
We’ve found that A6 Flyers are ideal for club promotions, and door to door flyering. When printed on 350gsm and coated with gloss or matt lamination, they also make excellent postcards and small scale mail shots.
A5 flyers and leaflets
Our A5 flyers and leaflets are our best selling size. This is because they're perfect for potential prospects to carry around and are extremely cost effective.

A4 flyers and leaflets
A4 flyers and leaflets are perfect for menu's, guides, manuals and promotional campaigns. With plenty of space they can also be used as a poster in areas of limited space.

A3 flyers and leaflets
Need more space to convey your message? Then you need our A3 flyers. At 42 x 29.7cm, they give you a large area to provide your customers with information. They're perfect for infographics, charts or posters.

DL flyers and leaflets
DL flyers are a great compact size which measure 210 x 99 mm, exactly a third of an A4. This long, slim size makes these perfect for gift vouchers and small price lists.
148mm Square flyers and leaflets
Square Flyers & Leaflets are shaped to bring a twist to your business promotions. Not only do they draw customer’s attention, but the 148mm Square offers a versatile area to advertise. With a variety of thickness and laminations, square leaflets are ideal for showcasing your latest product or sneaking into packaging as a thanks.
210mm Square flyers and leaflets
There’s no need to be quiet with 210mm Square Flyers & Leaflets. Choose your design and let the quality silk leaflet do the talking for your business, as the largest square flyer we offer refuses to be ignored. Printed on your choice of 150gsm, 250gsm or 350gsm silk stock and gloss, matt & velvet lamination available, you’re bound to make a mark.
A5 slim flyers and leaflets
This bitesize A5 slim flyer proves that small is the new black! Printed on top-quality Silk paper with the option of lamination, it makes a cool and stylish handout or mailer that will slot into your pocket with ease.
A4 slim flyers and leaflets
The A4 slim is one sleek flyer! With a choice of three Silk paper stocks and lamination included if you fancy it, it’s perfect for takeaway menus, price lists and events listings.  
A3 folded flyers and leaflets
A3 Folded Flyers & Leaflets have ample room to get your message across. Available in Z-Fold, C-Fold or Half fold, they’re incredibly versatile for getting key information across. Even better, you can easily pop them in newspapers or magazines as a part of a wider campaign or promotion.
A4 folded flyers and leaflets
A4 Folded Flyers & Leaflets are perfect for restaurant or takeaway menus. Our C-Fold leaflet is the most popular, with Z-Fold and Half Fold also on offer to showcase your information. Add Matt, Gloss or Velvet laminations to give your A4 Folded Leaflets a sophisticated finish.

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Flyers & Leaflets tips and advice

Expert advice from our team of experienced designers

What Is a Flyer Meant to Include? Things to Never Forget When Designing Your Flyers

You’ve got a big event coming up. You’re excited and eager to spread the word around town by ordering some great quality and cheap flyers or leaflets to hand out. But hold your horses. Before you blast through the design and order your flyers, ask yourself the all-important question; what is a leaflet actually meant to include? From colouring and branding to choosing that all-important title, there’s plenty of things to consider when leaflet printing if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your promotion.

Follow this checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten and your leaflet keeps its edge…

1.) Your Brand Colours and Logo

When people see your flyer or leaflet you want them to instantly recognise it’s you. Notice most of Virgin’s advertisements are red, and Sainsbury’s always include a splash of orange.

Keeping branding consistent across all your marketing materials will make your business stick in people’s minds.

2.) Make It Different to Other Flyers or Leaflets

Although general colouring and fonts should stick to your brand, be wary of re-hashing old leaflet designs that you’ve used for previous events or offers, and merely changing the dates.

Customers can easily become immune to identical images which they are exposed to day in day out, meaning your advertising become stagnant and ineffective. To get the most value from your promotions, choose cheap flyers and change up the designs regularly for the most cost-friendly impact!

3.) Don't Forget the Details

It may seem glaringly obvious, but it’s so easy to get carried away with striking imagery that the purpose of the leaflet gets swept under the rug. 

Avoid paragraphs and paragraphs of text and keep your sentences short, concise and informative. An easy way to do this is to write a list in order of importance for each factor you need to include.

Simply put the most important information on your flyer in a larger font, such as the name of the event or the purpose of your offer and stagger the sizes of text down through your list. This is a sure-fire way to ensure all information is included and presented in a clean attention-grabbing manner.

4.) Your Target Audience

Whose hands do you want this leaflet to fall into? You need to fine-tune your tone of voice to attract potential customers. You can research similar companies with successful advertising to see what others in the market are doing, or simply put yourself in their shoes.

You’ve also got to consider what aspects of your business your target readers are interested in. Is it the price, the amazing products you’re selling or something different no one else in the market is offering? Choose the messages to include on your flyers or leaflets that will really make your audience stop and turn.

5.) Speak Directly to Your Customers

To appeal directly to a customer regardless of their interests, age or gender, use the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ in the leaflet’s text. Asking a question in your title that your business can answer will help start a visual conversation between you and potential customers.

‘Are you hungry?’, ‘Fancy something different?’, ‘Looking to get fit?’ are all simple and direct questions which will gauge responses from customers and enlighten them to your business! Printing these questions onto cheap flyers is a much more cost-effective way to engage in conversation with your audience.

6.) Spacing

The biggest crime in flyers printing? Cramming too much onto the page. One striking image, big gaps between text, and blank spaces all collate to a show-stopping flyer with a dramatic edge.

Following these rules will make your text easier to read, your images more defined and more memorable. This is an important thing to remember when getting your flyers printed.

7.) Eye-Catching Imagery

Be bold and daring with your images. If you sell food, try showing a mouth-watering image of your best-looking product close up.

If you need something more abstract, experiment with bright, contrasting colours which draw a customers attention. Leaflets are often given out in busy areas or arrive through the letter box with other marketing materials. This means you have to grab a customer's attention as quickly as you can, eye cathing imagery and bold colours are the perfect way to do this.

8.) Choose a Title That Says It All

Leaflets have to get their message across in an instant. Marketing Week reported that only 4% of advertisements are looked at for longer than two seconds – which is just enough time to absorb the title.

If your title is captivating, it will encourage readers to engage with the smaller text that tells them more. Try highlighting interesting stats or key messages on your flyers as this will attract a reader's eye and encourage them to carry on reading.

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