Magnetic Signs for Cars & Vans

Want to know the easiest way to advertise your business? Just drive around with magnetic car or van signs attached! Our magnetic signs come in a range of sizes for vans, cars and any other large metal surface you might want to stick your brand to. With their strong magnetic pull, it’s easy to charm customers off their feet and into your store.

There’s nothing worse than sticking a decal or sticker down and getting the positioning wrong. With our magnetic vehicle signs, all you need to do is peel it back and try again – no mess, no fuss! These custom van or car signs are designed to stick strong, but peel easy, so you never need to worry about damaging your paint again.

Magnetic Signs for Cars &  Vans
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A4 Magnetic Signs

A4 Magnetic Signs

  • White gloss magnetic vinyl
  • Easy to attach and peel off
  • Ideal for cars and small vans
From £20.33
A3 Magnetic Signs

A3 Magnetic Signs

  • Fuss and mess-free removal
  • Create a personalised car sign for your business
  • Delivered within two working days
From £24.73
A2 Magnetic Signs

A2 Magnetic Signs

  • 0.85mm vinyl magnet
  • Brand large surfaces
  • Custom magnetic signs for trucks and vans
From £32.66
A1 Magnetic Signs

A1 Magnetic Signs

  • Our largest magnetic sign printing option
  • Perfect for large metal surfaces
  • Delivered within two working days
From £48.52

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are magnetic vehicle signs made of?

Our magnetic van signs and car signs are made from magnetic vinyl. This white gloss, thin material is perfect for banners and signage on the go! As a water-resistant material that also resists cracking and bubbling, it’s an ideal solution for your vehicle advertising needs.

To ensure your personalised van and car signage looks as sleek as possible, the magnetic vinyl they’re printed on is only 0.85mm thick; it’s a super thin, flexible but durable material.

How to apply magnetic signs to your vehicle

It’s quick and easy to apply your custom magnetic signs to your vehicle. Follow these simple steps for the best results:

1. Before you fix your new magnetic signs to your vehicle, clean the surface and the magnet with a mild detergent. Wipe dry or allow the area to air dry naturally.

2. The area of the vehicle you’re attaching the magnetic signs should be free of indents, ridges, rust spots and any trim. The area should also be as flat as possible.

3. Starting with one of the corners first, allow the magnetic pull between the sign and the vehicle to gradually come together and help it along the way. Once the car signs or van signs are flat against the surface, check to ensure there are no air pockets.

4. If you’ve accidentally attached your magnetic vehicle signs in the wrong place, completely remove them and start again. When removing, lift off at the sides and not the corners and don’t pull the magnetic signs across the surface of your vehicle – this may stretch or damage them.

5. Ensure your new vehicle signs are fixed on firmly before driving away.

How to store magnetic signs

If you’re finished with your magnetic vehicle signs for a while but want to keep them to use at a later date, you can! We recommend you keep your car signs or van signs in a clean, dry place when not in use.

If you have multiple magnetic signs, stack them on a flat surface and ensure you do not stack them with the magnetic sides touching each other. Although we wouldn’t recommend storing your personalised car signs rolled, if you need to, stand them on one end with the printed side facing out. It’s important to remember you must never fold your magnetic signs!

Are your van signs for commercial use? If you have an office space, why not store your signs on the back and sides of a filing cabinet?

Will custom vehicle signs damage car paint?

If business car magnets and van signs are applied to a vehicle correctly, they won’t cause any damage to the paintwork underneath; they can often help protect your vehicle’s paintwork from fading in the sun. However, unlike vehicle graphics, magnetic vehicle signs are not meant to be permanent and are a temporary advertising solution – we would recommend removing them and cleaning the surface underneath every so often. Ensure the surface is completely dry before reattaching the signage.