How to Use T-Shirts in Your Next Marketing Campaign

How to Use T-Shirts in Your Next Marketing Campaign

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08 Oct 2018

From logo and slogan tees to personalised messages, designing your own custom T-shirts is fun – but how can you use T-shirt printing as part of your next marketing campaign and what benefits should you expect to see? Here we’ll explain some of the key benefits of using men’s and women’s printed T-shirts for marketing and how to use them to maximum effect.


Why is T-shirt Marketing Effective?

By investing in custom printed T-shirts, you’re investing in a marketing strategy that will be literally worn by your customers and/or staff! Here are some of the fantastic benefits of using T-shirt marketing:


  1. It’s cost effective – if you’re ordering in bulk, T-shirt printing won’t make you go over your promotional budget. Effectively, the more you print the cheaper it is.


  1. Quick & easy – not only are T-shirts easy to customise (so many colour options), they’re also quick to produce. If you order them with us, we can get them to your door in as little as 7 working days.


  1. Recognisable – everyone knows what a T-shirt is and how to use it. And, it’s common knowledge that the easier something is to use, the more likely people are to use it!


  1. Enduring – how long do you want your campaign to last? Now compare that to how long you’ve had your oldest T-shirt. The lifespan of a printed tee is huge, meaning people will be wearing your design for a while.


  1. Brand loyalty – let’s face it: everyone loves a freebie. Promotional gifts are a great way of making customers feel good about your brand and getting them to keep buying from you. BPMA’s 2011 study found that 79% of people given a promo gift would work with that brand in the future.


  1. Walking advertisement – whether it’s customers or staff, when there are people walking around wearing your design or logo on a T-shirt it’s huge for increasing brand awareness.



  1. Expand Target Audience – a winning design means that your T-shirts will not only appeal to people who already love your brand, but also to potential new customers too!


  1. Versatile – custom T-shirts have so many different uses that can all benefit your business. For a more detailed list of what these are, read on below…


How Can I Use T-shirts for Marketing?

  • Hold a Contest

If your business is active on social media then why not host a contest? You could either give away T-shirts as prizes or include your branded T-shirt as part of the prize. As well as creating excitement around your business, giveaways are a great way of boosting your followers and interactivity online too. This means that you’re retaining your existing customers and growing potential new customers at the same time!


  • Event Goody Bags

If you’re a well-practiced conference-goer or you promote your business at fairs and events, you’ll know that goody bags do really well. That’s because of that feel-good effect we explained earlier that comes from receiving freebies. Every time someone wears your design it’s like a walking advertisement for your business. Check out this blog for more tips on creating a winning goody bag.


  • Sponsor an Event

Why not find an event where your target market is likely to either be at or will hear about your charitable deed? Local charity fundraising events are great for this. Hand out T-shirts with your business’ name and logo on to participants/runners/helpers at the event. Can’t find a fundraising event to sponsor? Run your own! One company that are great and getting involved and sponsoring loads of events in the UK is British Airways. Check out who they’ve sponsored in the past here.


  • Hand Them Out to Everyone!

Attendees at an event, your colleagues and staff, and even your friends and family! The more people who have your printed T-shirts, the more people will be wearing them out and about spreading awareness for your brand. We’re always giving out instantprint tees here in the office and people love wearing them! Here are some of our happy colleagues in their branded T-shirts:

(Wearing our instantprint branded T-shirts for our annual sports day)


  • Get Involved

You know who’ll always be up for wearing your business’ custom T-shirts? You! Set a fantastic example to your colleagues by sporting your own merchandise in front of everyone. It shows that you’re proud of what you’ve achieved and you believe in the products and service you offer to your customers and clients.


For a cost-effective way of boosting brand awareness and loyalty, there’s no quicker, easier (and not to mention more fun!) way of creating a winning marketing campaign than with custom printed T-shirts. However you decide to distribute them, do it in style with our high-quality, 100% cotton tees!




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