What to Put in an Event Goody Bag

What to Put in an Event Goody Bag

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13 Aug 2018

Everyone loves a giveaway, but it’s important to fill your event goody bag with the right swag. You need to make sure that the promotional products you’re giving away at your next event or exhibition are going to be taken home and used again by the attendees, and that they really communicate the message you want to send about who your company is. Here are some creative and unique ways of using print to enhance your goody bags.



Customised Stickers and Labels are more versatile than they’re often given credit for and are great for promoting your business when used in goody bags – they’re also really cost-effective. Get a few sheets of fantastically designed Stickers printed, and then cut them up to put just a few in every bag. They’re unique, fun and memorable, and the right design will mean that people will really want to use them, too! The more relevant the Stickers are to the attendees, the more likely they’ll be appreciated – for example, you could hand out Laptop Stickers at an IT event.

Giving away something edible in a goody bag is an ever-growing trend. Whether that’s little bags of popcorn, mints, sweet jars, chocolate bars – if it’s non-perishable, the chances are it’ll work well in your swag bag. A great way of branding your edible gifts is to embellish them with your custom Stickers. A Circle Sticker would look great popped onto a lollipop, or a Rectangle Label would do well to brand a similarly-shaped bar of chocolate. Stickers can help keep everything consistent and maintain branding amongst the contents of your goody bag.  

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Depending on the type and size of exhibition or event you’re going to, you could add little messages onto each Postcard to make them a more personal gift. This personalisation could really help your goody bag stand out amongst competitors’ bags.

Business Cards

It’s all very well wow-ing attendees with your sample products and gifts; what about if they want to purchase your products or services after the event? By including your Business Card in an event goody bag, this means that attendees can get in touch with you at a later date because they have your contact details. Keep the design of your Business Card in the same style as the other products in your swag bag to maintain consistency – this will tie everything together really well and create a sleek appearance.


Useable Products

The golden rule for promotional gifts in event goody bags is that the attendee should want to use them after the event. That’s why it’s a really good idea to give out things that are going to be used after the event. A branded notebook, notepad or desk pad is a great idea, especially if the event is a conference with a speaker, meaning that people will need to take notes. Attendees will then keep this Notebook so they can refer back to the notes they made later. This is great for boosting your business’ brand awareness too, especially if you company name or logo is on the Notebook, because people will be seen using this product outside of the event. Other products that work in the same way are Calendars, pens, diaries, umbrellas and Folders

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Now you’re brimming with ideas for your goody bag, it’s time to get designing! If you use any of the ideas from this blog post for a fab swag bag at your next event, we’d love to see pictures of your print. Share them with us on social media by tagging us @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk.


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