How Print Can Help You Succeed During International Football Tournaments 2024

How Print Can Help You Succeed During International Football Tournaments 2024

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07 May 2024

For football fans across the world, the attention often turns to a variety of international football tournaments throughout the summer, providing the joys and excitement supporters enjoy.

With one such tournament taking place in summer, the country will be preparing for warm weather, with hospitality venues being packed to the brim with supporters both indoors and in beer gardens, so there’s no better time to prepare your promotional print for matchday 1.

This blog will uncover everything you need to know about international football tournaments and how you can ensure that your business makes the most of every opportunity. From the build up, right up to the final and thereafter, we’re going to show you how print can help your business succeed on the back of these huge sporting events.

Building up to International Football Tournaments

No matter whether you’re a family pub based in the heart of the community or a sports bar dedicated to providing punters with the best viewing experience possible, proper planning and preparation are key to ensuring success through international tournaments and beyond. 

As we uncovered earlier, there is a level of optimism and excitement leading into the upcoming competition on the back of the heartache from last time out, so there are going to be lots of opportunities for existing and new customers to come into your premises for the first time. To ensure that customers know that you’ll be showing matches, you might want to consider using print products including -

  • Flyers - Showcasing matchdays, opening times and drinks offers to entice customers. These can be handed out at the bar or placed on tables for customers to take at their own pleasure. 
  • Posters - Promoting the tournament dates and the fact that you’ll be showing all (or selected) matches throughout. This is a great way to capture the attention of customers as they pass by, and can also be utilised within your premises for existing customers so they know they can stay at their local. 
  • Banners - Capture the attention of customers as they pass by either on foot or in transport with an eye catching banner promoting the fact you’ll be showing matches throughout the tournament. 

Our top tip would be to offer a discount or incentive to customers to visit your establishment during the tournament, this could be along the lines of “1 free drink by presenting this flyer” or “scan the QR code for a chance to win free all you can eat during 1 match of your choice!” 

Marketing During International Football Tournaments

Upon initially thinking about how you can make the most of the tournament to help your business succeed, you’ll likely have thought about this part straight away. This is where you can really shine with a wealth of opportunities available to entice customers to your business. Why not try one (or more) of the following tactics -

Run a Ticketed Event

Major footballing tournaments tend to draw large crowds into hospitality businesses, especially for home nations matches and knock out fixtures. You could consider leaning on the increased exclusivity and offer guaranteed better views of the TV by offering tickets to key matchdays which can be turned in at the door. 


Themed Offers

Footballing tournaments tend to bring a wide array of possibilities for your business to stand out from the crowd. From specific menus throughout the tournament to drinks packages which change as the weeks pass by, consider enticing your customers to return throughout the tournament with offers they can’t refuse. There are tonnes of ways you can promote your offers and capture your customer's attention from posters around your premises to table talkers scattered around your seating areas.


Offering Table Service

A fear that many football fans have when watching the game is missing a key event due to being pulled away from the game. You could consider offering a table service throughout the tournament, alleviating their fears slightly and allowing them to order their drinks straight to their table. To make this even easier for customers, you could consider printing flyers which have QR codes on them so they can scan their phones to order their drinks, without having to move an inch.


Offer a Limited Edition Drink

If your business works with a brewery, you could consider working alongside them to create, or sell a limited edition drink based on the tournament. Limited edition products tend to drive increased levels of interest due to the short amount of time they’re available, so this could be a great way to drive more traffic to your business. You could utilise folded leaflets which advertise the taste and price of your drinks, both at the bar and on tables to increase the success rate of sales.

Capitalising on International Football Tournament Success

After the tournament has ended, you’ll likely hope to retain the customers who found you for the first time or came back after a period of time away. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider ways to maintain the momentum in which you’ve built during the month of football you’ve just experienced. Great ways you might want to capitalise on this include - 

  • Hosting more events, including comedy nights or live music.
  • Showing more live football matches.
  • Make the most of your newly found print marketing tactics to showcase your upcoming offers and events.
  • Continuing to try new ways to impress your customers, such as table service, regularly updating your jukebox or investing in new pool tables.

A great way to think about your post competition marketing tactics is to analyse what worked really well for you and what could have been improved. From diving into your sales data to speaking to your punters, you’ll be able to uncover so much feedback to take on board and help keep your business busy thanks to the international football tournament.

In Conclusion

By making the most of print throughout international football tournaments, you can capture the attention of customers, both old and new to watch the games at your business. Whether you choose to use one of our tips or several, you can be confident that the tournament will help your business succeed, capturing more attention at the start and maintaining the momentum you’ve built for years to come. 


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