Three Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Coach

Three Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Business Coach

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15 Mar 2018

You could be Elon Musk, but you’d still benefit from a business coach. There’s something valuable about sharing a vision with someone who has complementary skills to your own, helping you to build your business empire from good to world-domination levels.

Don’t Be Too Proud

We’ve all been there: our startup is our baby, and we think we know everything. Go on, admit it to yourself: you don’t want anyone else taking credit for your business success.

Get over it!

There is no shame in having a business coach: it shows that you’re open to adaptation, innovation, and change. All of these are vital to the success of a startup!

If that’s not enough of a reason to find a mentor, here are three reasons why every entrepreneur needs a business coach…

1. Access To Experience

A business coach will have worked with many entrepreneurs before you. They’ll have built on their own experience, too, in order to branch out into business consulting.

Whether you pay for your business coach or you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to mentor you for free, your time (and financial) investment is worth it. You’re gaining years – possibly decades – of experience in business management, without having to live it yourself.

Your business coach will have seen companies fail and succeed, and have learned what works (and what doesn’t).

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2. Understanding Of The Entrepreneurial Life

Your friends and family have, at some point, called you ‘work obsessed’ (if they haven’t yet, then they will). It can be hard to find someone that understands the demands that a new business has on an entrepreneur.

Your business coach will be there to support you without judgement: they understand that, to build your company, you may have some very late nights, early mornings, weekends, and snatched time in lunch hours to catch up.

They’ll support you, not berate you, for sending emails at 2am. They probably won’t answer them until office hours, but will be more likely to champion your dedication than be yet another person that comments: “What are you doing awake at that time?”. They get it.


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3. A Mutual Reason To Champion Your Successes

Hiring a business coach means they are invested in your success. If your business fails, particularly if that is based on taking their advice, they could lose at best a client and at worst their reputation and career.

Your business coach won’t give you advice without carefully considering the impact first. If they feel you could make a disastrous decision, they’ll tell you straight out that you’re making a mistake.

They want you to succeed: it looks good for them, it keeps a client, and it’s a great personal affirmation when someone else achieves through your assistance. Take what they say to heart, because nothing a business coach says will be said off-the-cuff. They mean it, because they want you to be the best entrepreneur there has ever been.



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