6 Ways to Make Your Business Christmas Cards Stand Out

6 Ways to Make Your Business Christmas Cards Stand Out

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14 Nov 2016

The holiday season is the ideal time to let your customers know how much you appreciate them, and a great way to do this is by sending out Christmas cards. Problem is, there are countless companies doing the same thing, so how do you ensure that your Christmas card stands out from the pile?


Don’t panic! We’ve rounded up our top 6 tips on how to make your Christmas cards unique…


Take an Office Photo

Round up the team, throw on your Christmas jumpers and bring the festive cheer for an epic group photo! By using a team photo on your Christmas cards and showing your customers that you value your staff and that you have fun together, it will instantly humanise the business and increase your likeability. Plus it gives your clients a sneak peek at the faces behind the brand.


If you want to step it up a gear, you could even use the shot to recreate a famous scene from a popular Christmas movie. Because who doesn’t want to see the team gathered round a huge Christmas tree in Santa suits, ‘White Christmas’ style, or donning their best Dickensian threads for a re-enactment of ‘A Christmas Carol’! Isn’t that what Christmas cards are for?!


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Design It Yourself

Nothing says original like a card you’ve designed or customised yourself. You don’t have to be a dab hand at design to do this, we offer an easy-to-use Design Online tool that makes the whole process a breeze. Simply select the template that takes your fancy, use the icons to personalise the colour, text and shape, then drag and drop any images you want to include.


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Image: thelovelydrawer.com


If you’re unsure of what you want to include on your design, a great Christmassy quote never goes amiss, nor does a festive scene. If you want to make it more personal and use your card to thank your customers for their loyalty, you could go with a memorable pun that’s related to your service. For example, if you’re a florist, your card could read ‘Thanks a bunch for a great year. Merry Christmas!’ It’s fun and a little cheesy, but there’s no doubt it’ll draw a smile from the recipient!


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Image: oohdeer.com


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Image: oohdeer.com



Make Your Content Engaging

While we’re on the subject of content, the more engaging your copy is, the better. Christmas is the best time to bring the fun, so alongside your thankyous and your Christmas greetings, why not offer up a few cracker-style jokes, or perhaps some suggestions for Christmas day games? You could even include a fun, festive word search!


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Image: daycoloringpages.com


If you have anything exciting to announce, your Christmas card is the perfect platform to do so. Same goes for if you want to highlight the previous year’s ‘best bits’. You could almost treat your card like a short and sweet newsletter, as a way to keep your clients up to date on the business, while encouraging them to stay invested in anticipation of what’s to come. The most important thing to remember is that there’s no rule to say your Christmas card has to be a straightforward greeting. Shake up your content with a more personal touch to create something that offers that little bit extra!


Opt for Something Different

Speaking of shaking it up a bit, there’s nothing stopping you from going against convention and sending out postcards instead of traditional greetings cards. Postcards are good fun, and can easily be displayed on pin boards or fridges long after generic cards come down from the mantel!


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Image: happycactusdesigns.com


As a great alternative to using printed text, mix up your approach and write out your cards in your own handwriting. Better still (depending on the size of your office), you could have each person from the team sign their own personal message on the card. That way, everyone gets involved and your clients may feel all the more valued.


Pick a Stand-Out Stock

To ensure your Christmas cards are the best of the bunch, choose a premium stock that’s bound to impress your customers. Our 300gsm Ice Gold cards offer a luxurious pearlescent shimmer that’s perfect for the holiday season, while our quality 350gsm Silk cards have a smooth feel and slight sheen, with the option of Matt or Gloss lamination for that extra special touch.




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Throw in a Gift

When it comes down to it, the whole reason we send out Christmas cards to customers is to spread a little festive cheer, so why not include something special to thank them for their custom? You could pop in a discount code, a voucher or an exclusive Christmas offer; something that will give your clients a reason to come back in the New Year. It’s important to let your clients know that they’re valued at every opportunity. Not only can this help to build customer loyalty, but by establishing yourself as a steadfast, reliable service, you’re likely to draw in new customers too, either by referrals or by letting your positive reputation speak for itself. Sure, it might only be a Christmas card, but it’s the small things that count, right?


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Ready to create a Christmas card design that stands out from the rest? Let us know how you get on!



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