How to Create a Fantastic First Impression with Print

How to Create a Fantastic First Impression with Print

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11 Mar 2019

Whether you’re attending an event, meeting a client for the first time or trying to introduce your brand to a whole new audience, it’s safe to admit – making a first impression is crucial for any business owner.

Swapping out old print, or trying new types of print marketing or networking material, can really help give you that boost you need. After all – every piece of marketing you send out to people is a reflection of your business. Here’s how to use print to make a good first impression every time.


The Importance of a First Impression

In running a business, or any daily activity around new people, you only ever get one chance at making a first impression.
If people have positive first encounter of your brand, they’ll associate you as ‘a good business’ until they have reason to change their mind. If their first impression is a negative one, it’s a lot harder to change that attitude. 


How Long Does It Take to Form a First Impression?

Although many sources state you have as few as 7 seconds to make a first impression, some research suggests that a tenth of a second is all it takes to determine traits like trustworthiness.
What we know for sure is that every second counts, so making sure you’re always prepared with print that makes you look great means you’re even more likely to be remembered for all the right reasons.


How to Make a Good First Impression 

Here are our top tips on how to use print to make a lasting, good impression for your business.

  1. Prioritise Quality

    When it comes to print, the higher quality the better. It’s one of the only pieces of marketing your customers or contacts will be able to touch, so getting the feel right is extremely important.

    Choosing a premium business card means you have the option to add a lamination or special coating, which will help give you the edge over the competition and make you stand out.

    It’s also important to think about your budget. Here at instantprint, we’re able to offer a high-quality product at an affordable price because of our technological investments. By investing in the latest printing equipment, we reduce the time spent printing and any errors that might occur. We do this so we can pass the savings on to you in the long run and help your business look its best without breaking the bank.
  2. Customise the Feel

    Here at instantprint, we offer customisation options that’ll help your print look and feel amazing. From matt and glossy finishes to Spot UV. You can use our free Spot UV templates to create unique business cards – even if you aren’t a professional graphic designer! Simply download them from this blog, then upload them with your order.

    You can also add finishes to flyers, folded leaflets and pretty much anything else you want your reader to touch.
  3. Use Professional Designs

    From roller banners to posters, getting your design right will be key to driving customers to your business. You can hire freelance professional designers for your print needs through various websites – just use a search engine to find the right one for you and browse prices.

    Or, if hiring someone isn’t a financially viable option for your business, create you own print using our free design templates. Every template has been designed by one of our graphic designers, so you know you’ll get a professional finish every time. Change colours, text and add images. You can even start from scratch with a blank template. Start designing your own print now.
    free business card design template

    (Click on this business card to start customising)

  4. Introduce Yourself with Print

    Sending out direct mail, such as flyers, letters, booklets and postcards, can be an extremely cost-effective way of getting your brand out there. If you’re looking to reach out to new customers, try introducing yourself with a printed marketing material.

    Not sure what to say? Writing sales copy for your direct mail can be daunting – especially if writing isn’t your strong suit. Our top tip: keep text to a minimum – tell the reader everything they need to know without filling your entire design. Using headings and bullet points are just a couple of ways to keep copy to a minimum.
  5. Be Confident

    When it comes to networking or marketing your business at exhibitions, the best thing to complement your brand-new print is a confident and positive attitude. Smile when you introduce yourself, and always follow business card etiquette.

    Following all of these tips to create amazing-looking print is sure to give you a boost of confidence when handing out marketing material. As well as this, choosing an online printer who gives you confidence in receiving a good print job every time will also be hugely beneficial. 

    For example, we have an entire team dedicated to checking and setting up artwork so that it’s print ready – kind of like a safety net. And we’ll always ask for your approval before we change anything. 


What Print Products Should I Use?

Here’s a quick guide on how to use certain print products and when to make a fantastic first impression. 

At Indoor Events:

  • Roller Banners – a great conversation starter that boosts brand presence at events
  • Exhibition Stands – draw attention and look ever-the-professional
  • Booklets – hand out professionally printed programs, informational booklets and prospectuses
  • Merchandise – branded goodies are a perfect way of creating a positive impression of your brand


At Outdoor Events

  • PVC Banners – waterproof banners mean your promotions will always look shiny and new
  • Flags – attract new customers by placing custom flags outside your business or event stand
  • Flyers – hand flyers out to passers-by to start a conversation about your products/services


In the Post

  • Postcards – create a unique mailer with a postcard as the medium; ideal for vouchers
  • Leaflets – plenty of room to talk about what your business has to offer
  • Magazines/Catalogues – show off your products in a professionally printed catalogue 


Everyday Essentials

  • Business Cards – never leave the house without these (you never know who you might meet!
  • Business Stationery – from letters to correspondence cards, make sure all your business communications are consistently branded


Although it is important to make that initial first impression, it’s also important to treat every interaction with customers with the same level of care. Keep up to date with the latest in print marketing by checking out our Printspiration blog.



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