What Does The instantprint Studio Team Do?

What Does The instantprint Studio Team Do?

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12 Mar 2018

Did you know that we have an entire team of people at instantprint just waiting to help improve your artwork for print? It’s entirely free, too.

Our Studio Team are here to help make sure your artwork is perfectly print-ready. Whether you’re new to your design program, have never sent something to print before, or want to check your design-online file is correct, they can help!

Why Do You Run A Free Studio Check Service?

Many of our customers are new to buying print – which also means they need reassurance with their artwork designs. Are they set up for print correctly? Is the resolution OK? Will any text be cut off?

The Studio Team provide advice and guidance to instantprint customers to help make print buying easy and simple for anybody. Whether you’re designing artwork using our free online templates, or using design software such as Adobe Illustrator, our Studio Team can answer your questions.

You can ask our Studio Team about your design queries before you order: the service is still free!

If you’re not sure how to set up your artwork into CMYK, for example, you can try our Studio Guides, and if that doesn’t work there’s a real person at the end of the phone in the Studio Team waiting for you!

If you have a question about a product type, paper stock, or delivery, then you need our Customer Service team instead – click here.

What Do The Studio Team Check My Artwork For?

Our highly eagle-eyed team of designers handle your artwork in a streamlined ten-point check. Each designer has a specialist job, so you can be sure that if there’s a specific problem, it’ll be spotted!

The Studio Team will check your artwork for:

  • Bleed and safety zones
  • Text and graphics are out of the trimming areas
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Suitability for product.

Your artwork goes through a ten-point check, which means our team checks your design for 10 common issues, and if a problem is spotted it’ll be raised with you at that point in the checking process, to remedy it as quickly as possible.

What Happens If They Spot An Error?

If our Studio Designers notice there’s a problem with your artwork, they’ll make an amendment and send back a proof for your approval.

For example, if your artwork doesn’t include a 3mm bleed area, one of our Studio Gurus will add the bleed border and send the new version of the artwork back to you.

The Studio Team’ll never send something to print without your approval!

Does The Studio Service Include Errors Such As Spelling Mistakes?

Our team only check the print-readiness of your artwork: they don’t check the details.

That means if you have any spelling errors, or incorrect contact information, it’s up to you to spot the mistake before you approve your proof for print!

If there is such a mistake, and you spot it before approving your proof, the Studio Team can make an amend for you, provided the file you’ve sent is editable and uses an embedded font.

They won’t, however, make any major changes such as moving graphics to different pages or changing the layout of your artwork. You’ll need to go back to your designer for that!

How Do I Use The Free Studio Check Service?

If you have a query about creating your artwork, and our online guides haven’t answered your question, email pa@instantprint.co.uk.

(Remember: Studio Team are for technical design questions; for all other queries you need Customer Service!)

You can send us your artwork, along with your product details, to the same email address. The Studio Team will then take it through the ten-point check to make sure that all elements are print-ready and that the artwork is set up correctly for your desired product.

Ready to design your business stationery? Check out our free design online templates to get started!


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