7 Benefits of Business Stationery for Small Businesses

7 Benefits of Business Stationery for Small Businesses

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20 Dec 2018

You wouldn’t let an unbranded email slip out to your mailing list, so why not put that same level of attention to detail into your printed communications? 

Every communication your business sends out is a representation of how you want others to view you. One of the best ways to make a great impression is through personalised printed business stationery. Here’s why every small business should have stationery as part of their branding arsenal. 


1.    They Help Keep Your Brand Consistent

From notes to clients to business letters, all types of communications your small business sends out should be instantly recognisable as coming from you. So, make sure to use your startup’s brand guideline to help inform your design decisions!

Every letter you send out should be printed on a custom letterhead, with your company’s logo and the font you use elsewhere (on your website and marketing emails). This should match your business card design, your compliment slips and your correspondence cards. By making sure everything is consistent, it grows your brand – making you even more memorable to important correspondents and clients.


2.    They Show That You Care

We know that after investing all of your time and money into it, you really do care about your business. And going to this level of attention to detail with everyday communications is the perfect way of showing off how much you really love it! 

After all, a business card isn’t just a business card – it’s an important networking tool that can help you excel. It’s also a transportable part of your startup; you can hand them out at networking events, include them in customers’ packaging and even leave them in a welcome pack or presentation folder. So, make sure people know how much you love your business by putting your all into the design.


3.    They’re Easy to Design

Speaking of business stationery design… this is actually really easy to do. Especially since we have loads of free templates to hep get you started. Click below to see our full range of business stationery templates (and blank templates you can design from scratch!):

•    Free Business Card Design Templates
•    Free Letterhead Design Templates
•    Free Compliment Slip Design Templates
•    Free Correspondence Card Design Templates

So, what actually needs to go on your business stationery? A couple of elements common to all of them is your contact details and logo. A way to contact you, such as social media handles, email addresses and URLs are also useful things to include. 

Your compliment slips (which usually say ‘with compliments’ on them) and correspondence cards will need room for you to write messages on, whereas letterheads need space for the printed letter, like this one here:

(Click on our Gradial Letterhead template to start customising  it!)

Here’s a little bit of print inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

4.    They’re Easy to Use

How to Use Letterheads

If the idea of printing letter content onto your letterheads fills you with dread, don’t worry. Just make sure that all the important information is at the top or the bottom of the letterhead. Or, if in doubt, use one of our free templates so you know the spacing is perfect for printing on.

Then, all you need to do to use the letterheads is feed them into the paper section of your home or office printer! 

Please note: If you order less than 500 copies of your letterhead design, only use them with inkjet printers. If you print more than 500, you can use them with inkjet or laser printers.

How to Use Business Cards

You never know when you’ll meet a new client. By always having custom business cards to hand, you’re always prepared to network on the go. If you’re new to the world of networking, check out our guide to business card etiquette for newbies!

Or, if you’re looking for fresh new ways to distribute your cards and spread brand awareness quickly, read all about our top creative ways to hand out your business cards here.

How to Use Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are just as useful for promoting yourself as booklets or banners – but you have to use the limited space you have extremely wisely. This little slip of paper has all your important contact information on – like a business card – but, importantly, also says ‘with compliments’ followed by a handwritten note. 

59% of consumers who experienced personalisation saying that it significantly influenced what they purchased, showing that that personalised experience is hugely beneficial to your business.

Add them into customers’ orders to say thank you or to your marketing catalogues to help build brand loyalty.

How to Use Correspondence Cards

When a letter is too long/formal, personalised correspondence cards make a fantastic alternative. Thank your clients, send a short note, or even use them as informal invitations.

Like compliment slips, correspondence cards help to personalise any business communications, strengthening those all-important links and relationships.

5.    They Make Your Business Look Professional

As a small business, one of your main focuses is making a great first impression. There’ll be plenty of people who haven’t come into contact with your brand yet, so being remembered for all the right reasons is key to growing your business.

By creating your own personalised business stationery, you’re showing that your business means business. For example, sending a letter with your own custom letterhead design along the top shows you’ve put time and effort into the communication, you’re proud of your business and you care about the recipient.

6.    They Make Sure Important Clients Have Your Details to Hand

Whatever type of stationery you’re designing, there’s something you should always include: your contact details. Add your phone number and email address to business cards, your postal address on letterheads, and always include your name.

Like with any kind of print networking tool, the reason business stationery is so effective is because it’s concrete. An email can get lost in the sea of many, but an actual piece of paper is significantly harder to ignore or lose. And clients are more likely to go back to it later to find your contact details!


7.    It Helps Differentiate Your Communications

In the current digital age, it’s easy for your emails to get lost. In fact, statistics show that the average office worker receives a staggering 121 emails per day.

Sending an email to thank customers for their recent purchase won’t have as big of an impact as including a handwritten compliment slip or even your business card in the packaging. 


So, what are you waiting for? With our free design templates, you can start creating business stationery for your own startup now! We love to see your designs – tag us on social media with @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk to show us your finished letterheads, business cards and compliment slips and for a chance to be featured on our feed.


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