5 Creative Ways to hand Out Business Cards that Actually Work

5 Creative Ways to hand Out Business Cards that Actually Work

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09 Aug 2018

The essential, go-to networking tool, Business Cards are a popular and cost-effective way of getting your name and brand out there and into the right pair of hands. When you’re handing out your Business Cards at networking events, one of the goals you’re hoping to accomplish through this is to create a distinct and lasting impression on the recipient. But how easy is that to achieve when you’re doing it the same way as everyone else? Here are some fun and creative ways you can use your custom-printed Business Cards to stand out in all the right ways.

1.) Every Time You Send a Package or Envelope

Whether you’re an Etsy seller, or you have your own e-commerce website, a great way of handing your Business Cards out is by including them in every package or envelope you send to customers. This way, if they like your products and want to re-order with you in the future, they’ll hang on to your Business Cards. Just make sure you include the all-important contact details on there, like your business’ name and (if applicable) web address.

2.) Get Creative with Your Hole Punch

There are so many ways you can enhance the way you hand your Business Cards out by making one tiny change – punching a hole into them! If you’re going to an event, you could spice up your swag bag goodies, like sweet jars, by punching a hole into your business cards and tying them around the top with a ribbon. You could also tie them around balloons to hand out to attendees – that way, people are literally walking around holding your Business Cards! What a great walking advertisement for you!

Another way of handing out your Business Cards creatively is by hole punching Mini Business Cards and making keyrings out of them. This transforms your Business Cards into a useable gift that’ll intrigue the potential customers and clients you’ll be hoping to impress at events and exhibitions.

3.) Leave Them Everywhere

Airports, public bulletin boards, anywhere with a waiting room. These are all fantastic places to leave behind a pile of your Business Cards. People are naturally curious, and when we see things that aren’t meant to be there, we can’t help but take a look! If you live in a big city, why not try leaving your Business Cards on public transport? The tube, or a busy city centre bus would work great for this. Or, try leaving some behind the next time you use a taxi – another unusual place you wouldn’t expect to find a Business Card. You could even create intrigue by creating a ‘yellow brick road’ style path leading people to your shop/business’ front door!

4.) Here's a Gift!

Whether you’re sending a promotional gift to a customer or client, or they’ve won a competition you were running, why not include your Business Card in the package along with the present? Like with tip no. 1., if they like what they see, they’ll hang on to your Business Card for future use! If they’re winning a competition or receiving some free goodies, it’ll also help create a positive feeling towards your business too, which will further encourage your customer to repurchase with you later.

5.) Get the Whole Family Involved

Who knows you better than anyone? Your nearest and dearest of course! One of the first things you should do with your Business Cards once you’ve had them printed and delivered, is hand them out to your close friends and family; chances are, they’ll have a clear idea of exactly what your business is and what services you offer. (They’re also the ones who are always on your side and want you to do well!)

By handing out Business Cards to your friends and family, this means that if they come across someone who would benefit from your business (and you would benefit from their custom), they can refer them to you by handing them one of your Business Cards. The more people handing out your Business Cards, the more awareness of your brand and business – it’s a win-win situation!

From creating a sense of intrigue to getting others involved with distribution, these top tips for creatively handing out your Business Cards mean that it’s now even easier to spread the word about your business!

If you use any of these creative techniques to hand out your custom-printed Business Cards, we’d love to see them. Let us knowing by tagging us @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk.



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