How to Market Your Business During the January Sales to Find Success Year Round

How to Market Your Business During the January Sales to Find Success Year Round

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04 Dec 2017

Updated 21/12/2021

After the Christmas rush, you’re ready for a break. But not quite yet! It’s January sales time: a great opportunity to boost additional revenue. Did you know that it’s also the time of year to set the precedent for your annual revenue?

Savvy seasonal marketing now could boost your income every month of the year. Yes, really!

It’s all about planning ahead. Instead of seeing January as a time to just get rid of old stock, use it as an opportunity to create a 12-month marketing plan.

Sprinkle some seeds of thought in your customers’ minds as they visit your shop in January. Let them know they can get year-round great deals from you and not just in January!

This could be something as simple as a large A0 poster behind your counter that lists the 12 monthly offers of 2022. Your customers will be able to easily plan ahead when they want to come back to your shop and spend again!

There are plenty of ways to use the January sales to boost footfall and increase monthly revenue throughout the year – here are just a few…

1) Promote January Sales

This is the obvious one! Start at the end of December to make sure you’re ahead of your competition in your customers’ eyes. Put up posters and leave stacks of flyers in your shop to show off your upcoming January sales offers.

A poster in the window can draw people in from outside during January. The same goes for outdoor signage, such as a weatherproof A-Frame or PVC banner. Make sure your customers see your branding and offers before they even get to your shop, with outdoor advertising!

2) Run Valentine’s Offers (In January)

Start linking your offers together, or showing your customers what’s going to be in store for the next big shopping day.

For example, while customers are in your shop in January, consider a Valentine’s display with a countdown to your special offers in February. You don’t have to discount products for Valentine’s day just yet: this is about making sure your customers know where to come when it’s time to buy for their significant other.

3) Start A Customer Loyalty Scheme

A new year brings a new start, right? Now’s the time to introduce a new customer loyalty scheme!

Loyalty cards are an easy way to improve customer retention rates and encourage people to return to your business. Shoppers always like to feel they’re getting a reward for being loyal.

Loyalty stamps can be used to earn towards a discount or a money-off voucher. For example, for every five stamps a person can claim a £5 voucher off their next shop.

It’s a simple scheme, but it will increase the number of repeat customers to your shop, especially if they can earn a stamp for even the smallest of purchases. If they keep coming back for the small things, they’re going to go to you for the big ones, too!

4) Introduce Recommend-A-Friend Discounts

Loyal customers breed recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals are such an important part in new customer acquisition: many people will now check out reviews online and with their friends before shopping somewhere new.

Take advantage of the power of referrals with printed recommend-a-friend postcards. Leave space on the reverse of the card for your customer to include their details on one half, and their friend to put their details on the other half.

When this card gets handed over, you can provide a discount to the new customer, and send a thank-you voucher to the referee!

It’s a simple scheme but it’ll help to encourage repeat purchases from existing customers (as you’re sending them a voucher to spend in-store), and brings new customers to your shop, too.

5) Make The Most Of Supplier January Sales

Remember to boost your revenue by making savings!

The January sales are a great time of year for shops to buy in for the following 12 months. Find out which of your main stock suppliers are having big sales in the new year – and take full advantage.

Stock up on essentials, products that have a track record of selling well, and you’ll make huge savings on your annual outgoings.

Even simple things such as free delivery can all add to your savings, so keep an eye on your supplier deals as January rolls into view.


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