Which Business Card Are You?

Which Business Card Are You?

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19 Nov 2015

Choosing which business cards to spend your hard-earned cash on can sometimes be a tough decision; from soft sumptuous velvet to the sleek, slim mini cards, there are choices galore. This is why we have devised a highly technical, super-scientific quiz to determine which business card is right for you!

(OK, you got us, it’s just a bit of fun!)

Your quest to finding the perfect business card starts here:


inforgraphic showing a which business card are you quiz


How to Choose a Business Card (for Real!)

Okay, we’ve had our fun, now let’s get down to business (cards). To help you size up and compare the different kinds of business cards available, we’ve listed all of the different kinds of business cards you can print online, their strengths and weaknesses as well as what we recommend them for.


Premium Business Cards

Printed on a super thick 450gsm stock, our premium business cards are one of the thickest on the market. And since print is all about the way things feel, this option is sure to leave a lasting first impression.
On this stock, you can also add a lamination – a special coating to give your card a specific feel. The options are gloss (slick and high-shine), matt (smooth to the touch) and velvet (ultra-soft, almost-fuzzy texture). 

Why choose premium? 

This is the card we personally use at instantprint because it makes your brand feel high-end. It’s great for handing out at networking events. Overall, it’s a great all-rounder.


Economy Business Cards

Our economy business cards are printed on 350gsm silk stock – although this is our cheaper option, it’s actually everyone else’s standard! That means you don’t have to go over budget, and you still get a fantastic quality card.
As well as being our cheap business card printing option, you can add a number of features to personalise your print – such as rounded or standard corners and the option to go double-sided.

Why choose economy?

If you want to pay low prices for your cards but still want a quality product, economy is the range for you! Ideal for keeping in your wallet for when opportunity strikes.


Folded Business Cards

Need a little more room to get your business across? Folded business cards give double the space of standard cards, meaning you can share as much as you like! Printed in two sizes (long edge creased and short edge creased), there’s plenty of choice with these cards.

Printed on 350gsm silk, like our economy cards, they’re an ideal midweight card that are thick enough to impress, but thin enough to fold neatly.

Why choose folded?

Folded business cards are great if you need a little room, but they also work fantastically as business-cards-cum-loyalty-cards as well as appointment cards.


Mini Business Cards

Mini business cards are half the size of a standard business card (lengthways), meaning they’re long and skinny – and will definitely stand out from the rest! We print them on our 450gsm stock, which is the same as our premium business cards, making them even more memorable!

Want to make an even bigger splash? You can add a matt, gloss or velvet laminate finish to give them a fun, fresh texture.

Why choose mini?

Their long, thin shape is great for brands who are known for a catchphrase as this offers the ideal amount of room to show it off!


Square Business Cards

Square business cards are half the size of a standard business card (width), making sure they’ll stand out in a pack. Printed on a super-thick 450gsm silk, these cards are ultra-impressive.

Available with a choice of laminations, just the same as the mini option, this card looks best with a logo centralised on one side with your important contact information on the other side.

Why choose square?

As well as networking, we’d recommend using square business cards in your packaging to say thank you or give a discount to customers to keep them coming back!


Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV is a glossy varnish applied to specific areas of a design to make them stand out. When applied to a logo or as a pattern on top of a business card, the effect is striking. Available on matt lamination premium business cards.

If you’re not sure how to set your artwork up for this kind of business card, you’re in luck! We have a whole collection of free downloadable spot UV business card templates you can upload along with your artwork.

Why choose spot UV?

Spot UV works particularly well for creative designs, like making records shiny on a record shop business card. But it can also add an extra dimension to corporate cards that show a keen eye for detail. Either way, it’ll always leave a memorable impression!


Recycled Business Cards

If you’re a fan of our economy business cards, but wish there was an eco-friendly option, our recycled business cards are the one for you. Made from 100% recycled fibres, they’re just as crisp, white and smooth as our standard silk stock cards.

Why choose recycled?

If environmental impact is one of your business’s policies, you need to show that in everything you do, from your company processes right down to your business cards. These cards give you the ability to do just that!


Kraft Business Cards

Looking for a handcrafted look but need a professional finish? Printing on Kraft card gives you that much sought-after look. This card looks best with clean dark lines, like black fonts and patterns.

Why choose Kraft?

If you’re an independent or crafty business, or even a rustic café/restaurant, this card is great for handing out to customers with your details, social media handles and a discount on.


Ice Gold Business Cards

This shimmery metallic stock is reactive to light, for a truly eye-catching business card. A white stock with a slight pearlescent glow, it’s subtle enough to be classy but sparkly enough to wow whoever you decide to give them to.

Why choose ice gold?

Ice gold is the perfect business card stock for businesses who are all about the looks – beauticians, hair salons, nail technicians.


Loyalty Cards

Printed on a writable, uncoated stock, loyalty cards were made for smudge-free writing and stamping. We print ours as standard business card size, meaning you can create a business card design on one side and use the other as a loyalty card to get the maximum benefit.

Why choose loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards are a fantastic (and not to mention, affordable) tool for cafés, restaurants, and brick and mortar retail stores wanting to boost customer retention.


Now you’ve got everything you need to create a business card that’s perfect for you, what are you waiting for? Print your own business cards today! For more information, please see our guide to business card stocks and sizes.


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