Employee Spotlight: Jess Williams

Employee Spotlight: Jess Williams

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31 Jan 2024

We understand that you want to receive your print exactly as you imagined when you submitted your artwork. With this in mind, our studio team, led by Jess, are on hand to support you, ensuring that your designs are set up to print perfectly, allowing you to market your business with pride.

We spent time with Jess to learn more about her time within the company and how the Studio team are supporting our customers every single day.


How long have you worked at instantprint and how has your role progressed in that time?

I’ve worked at instantprint for around 5 years, starting as a Trainee Artworker, before moving up to Team Leader and then progressing further to the Studio Manager role I’m in now! I’ve really enjoyed my time working here so far, and have experienced so much progression, both in terms of my career and my personal life, which I’m so grateful for!


What does the average day look like for a Studio Manager at instantprint?

My role is to ensure that the Studio team runs smoothly. I’m constantly supporting the team and looking to enhance their skills and knowledge, so we can offer our customers expert advice with a world class service. There’s a lot of organisation required within my role, ensuring that the team have a manageable workload assigned to them, so we can stick to deadlines which are required for our customers. 


How does the studio team help make sure our customer's designs go to print exactly how they imagined?

The role of the Studio team is to process all of the artwork from orders which are placed, giving our customers confidence that they’ll receive their print exactly the way they imagined. Applying our famous 10 point artwork check, we ensure that all artwork is set up perfectly for print. Should we find any issues, we’ll immediately advise our customers, providing a proof copy of any amendments, in which gets approved by the customer before making its way through our facility. 


What do you think makes instantprint so unique?

I think the thing which makes us so unique is the fact that we offer industry leading turnaround times while maintaining a quality service and a high level of support! In the Studio team alone, we offer a personal artworker service, which includes thorough artwork checks, giving you full confidence that your artwork will come as just as amazing as you intended when designing.


What has the studio team been doing recently to support our customers?

Recently, the studio team have been working on improving and increasing our range of product templates to make it easier for customers to perfectly set up their artwork for print. We’ve built a wide range of templates available in our Design Online Tool, which can be customised for each brand, making it hassle free to create professional printed marketing material.


What is your top tip for customers submitting their artwork for the first time?

I’ve got a few tips which would prove beneficial to any customer! Firstly, by using one of our handy templates available across all of our products, you can be sure that the size and layout of your design is correct for the product you’ve ordered. Also, I’d recommend you use high resolution imagery. 300 dpi should be perfect for images on print to stand out. Finally, I’d suggest your artwork is saved as a PDF, this way, you can ensure that the quality is kept in your file when you submit it to us.


What’s your favourite print product and why?

My favourite print products are anything with foil embellishments! I just love how by adding elements of foiling to your design, you can make everything appear much more luxurious! We see so many designs come through from our customers every day, and when the branding is complimented with embellishments, it always seems to stand out from the crowd.


Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself!

In my free time, I love to work on designs and illustrations for myself. I also love to travel and collect prints from independent artists across the world! Art is a major passion of mine, and I love seeing the way different cultures and traditions have contrasting styles! 



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