10 Best Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2019

10 Best Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2019

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03 Apr 2019

One of the best ways of transforming yourself from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur is to seek advice from those who’ve already done it. And the easiest way to access this golden advice is online, through business blogs.

But with the huge number of blogs out there on the internet, how do you know which ones you can trust? Here are our top business blogs sites that are perfect for startups and small businesses.

  1. Both Sides of the Table

    Writer: Mark Suster, a two-time entrepreneur turned investor.

    Topics: Suster is passionate about those who are passionate about their business ideas, and writes advice for beginner entrepreneurs on a range of topics. He answers burning entrepreneurial questions such as ‘Who Should Be on Your Startup Board?’ and ‘How to Run an Effective Networking Dinner’.

    Why we love it: Suster answers the big questions that every beginner entrepreneur can relate to, and every blog is relevant to this audience. And the fact that it’s coming from someone who’s already found success in the business world is a huge plus for us!

    How active is this blog? Around 3 posts per month

    Recommended for: This is a great starting point for beginner entrepreneurs.

  2. She Owns It

    Writer: Multiple women business owners.

    Topics: Support and celebration for women entrepreneurs. Example topics include ‘5 reasons why supporting other women is the smartest move you’ll make in business (and life)’ and ‘How to build a thriving online community’.

    Why we love it: She Owns It is a collaboration of women’s voices, and they use their real-life experience to guide other female entrepreneurs.

    How active is this blog? Around 5 posts per week

    Recommended for: Women entrepreneurs who want to find inspiration and empowerment through others’ experiences.

  3. Forbes

    Writer: A combination of contributors and Forbes staff.

    Topics: Lots of different topics to suit everyone from new business owners to those who have already built successful companies. It’s sectioned by subject, for example Leadership, Money, Consumer, Industry and Lifestyle. Example blog posts include ‘Why More Companies Are Cultivating a Culture of Mindfulness’ and featured startup businesses.

    Why we love it: A leading source for reliable business news, Forbes is a powerhouse of business advice. Got a startup question? Forbes is sure to have an answer.

    How active is this blog? At least one post an hour

    Recommended for: All entrepreneurs.

  4. For Entrepreneurs

    Writer: David Skok, General Partner of Matrix Partners.

    Topics: This blog has two sections – startup help and sales & marketing. Some of the topics covered aren’t as broad as the other blogs we’ve mentioned so far. Topics include ‘Optimize Your Funnel by Getting Inside Your Buyer’s Head’ and ‘Why Early-Stage Startups
    Should Wait to Calculate LTV:CAC’.

    Why we love it: Once you’ve covered business basics, like ‘What is a Sales Funnel’, this blog is the perfect next step for a more in-depth look at some of these key tools and how to use them.

    How active is this blog? Around one post per month

    Recommended for: We recommend it for SME business owners and marketing managers rather than budding entrepreneurs.

  5. Business Matters

    Writer: Multiple bloggers

    Topics: This blog focuses on news and advice for small businesses and startups in the UK, including UK customer trends and UK business reports. Categories include advice, finance, technology and funding – with a unique category of opinion. Examples of blogs include ‘Making Payroll and HR Easy’ and ‘Majority of UK consumers Still Prefer to Shop In Store’.

    Why we love it: Business Matters is the UK’s largest business magazine for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. This means all of the news and advice is super relevant to UK businesses.

    How active is this blog? Around 84 posts per week

    Recommended for: UK business owners and entrepreneurs.

  6. The Blog of Tim Ferriss

    Writer: Tim Ferriss, podcaster, author of ‘The 4-Hour Week’, entrepreneur and tech startup investor.

    Topics: This blog features a huge range of content, from classic written blogs and advice articles to podcasts and video interviews. A lot of the posts are entrepreneur showcases, giving successful business owners a space to share their top tips. Posts include ‘Caterina Fake – The Outsider Who Build Giants’ and ’10 Lessons I Learned While Teaching Myself to Code’.

    Why we love it: Just like his book, ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’, Ferriss’s blog is full of wild claims and excitable blog titles. This enthusiasm and fun stands out in a world of serious business blog sites.

    How active is this blog? Around 1 post per month

    Recommended for: Entrepreneurs who want a combination of written advice and podcasts. 

  7. Under30CEO

    Writer: Multiple blog authors

    Topics: Under30CEO offer advice for entrepreneurs just starting out on their business journey. It covers topics such as finding customers and funding and is a fantastic starting place. Blog post examples include ‘Big Business Strategies That Small Companies Can Emulate’ and ‘5 Books I Wish I’d Read at the Start of My Career’.

    Why we love it: This blog covers complex and sometimes difficult topics at a level that anyone could understand. And with 14 different categories, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

    How active is this blog? Around 1 post per month

    Recommended for: Young entrepreneurs and young professionals under the age of 30.

  8. Hack the Entrepreneur

    Writer: Jonny Nastor, consultant, bestselling author and founder of Hack the Entrepreneur

    Topics: A range of broad subjects for beginners, like ‘How to Decide What Business to Start’ to ’21 Simple Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs’.

    Why we love it: This motivational blog delves into entrepreneurs’ deepest worries and fears to get to the bottom of them. It’s this unique twist that gives Hack the Entrepreneur its edge.

    How active is this blog? Around 1 post per month

    Recommended for: Any entrepreneur!

  9. O2 Business Blog

    Writer: Multiple blog authors

    Topics: The O2 Business Blog site’s key strength is its subject – technology. They show small business owners how to make the most of technology. Example blogs include ’10 Reasons Why the New Galaxy S10 Could be Samsung’s Best Device for Business Customers’ and ‘Fake Apps, Mobile Risks and Vulnerabilities: How to Protect Your Business’.

    Why we love it: As a tech company, O2 uses its knowledge to keep other businesses up to speed. And as another UK business blog, all of the advice given is really applicable.

    How active is this blog? Around 3 posts per week

    Recommended for: Tech startup companies in the UK.

  10. Startups.co.uk

    Writer: Multiple blog authors

    Topics: This UK blog site offers advice on starting a business and business ideas, making it perfect for those just starting out. It covers a range of topics from funding to franchising. Blog examples include ‘What is HR?’ and ‘How to Start a Tutoring Business’.

    Why we love it: This is a great blog for people who are in the stages of thinking of starting their own business but aren’t sure how, or what kind of business to start. Our favourite feature is the ‘Business Ideas’ section that explains how to start a business in popular UK industries.

    How active is this blog? Around 3 posts per month

    Recommended for: Beginner business owners and wantrepreneurs.


We hope you find these business blogs helpful in starting and growing your business. For the latest business advice, our Think Big blog is fantastic resource for small to medium sized business owners and covers topics like:


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