How Businesses Are Adapting Their Services in a Changing World

How Businesses Are Adapting Their Services in a Changing World

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30 Mar 2020

Updated: 14 June 2021


In just a matter of weeks, the world we knew was now barely recognisable. When news of the first lockdown hit in March 2020, all many of us could do was look on at the landscape and worry. But, the sheer grit of UK business owners proved itself to be more than a match to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

From adapting what they already do so well to launching brand new services to help meet their customers’ needs and keep their teams safe, here are just a few of the innovative ways businesses changed up their offerings during difficult times.


  1. Food & Drink Delivery Service

    As much of the public became housebound, with messages telling us to 'Stay Home',  and rules around social distancing continually changing, restaurants, cafés eve and bars branched out to offer delivery services on their products. 

    This meant that even the most vulnerable could still order food to be delivered to their house - and these businesses didn’t have to go without custom! Now that we're making our way out of lockdowns, takeaway services are still going strong, with many now used to being able to enjoy their favourite treats from the comfort of their own homes.

    Delivery company Deliveroo have stated that they signed up almost 3,000 new restaurants in March 2020 alone, showing the huge increase in businesses launching this kind of service at the start of the pandemic.

  2. Online Tasting Sessions

    Sticking with the theme of consumables, some businesses have been running their usual wine, coffee, chocolate and other food tasting sessions… virtually! 

    Businesses like the Yorkshire Wine School are delivering their goods to their customers’ doors, then running the tasting session as they normally would, but through a video call. A great way to use modern technology to bring your customers the experiences they love and expect from you!

  3. Virtual Health & Fitness

    With the government requesting all gyms and leisure centres to close their doors to the public during all three lockdowns, many fitness trainers kept in touch with their clients online, sending them home workouts to keep them active while in isolation.

    Gym classes are also being run virtually, with trainers leading the class from behind the screen. The Body Coach Joe Wicks, who dubbed himself ‘The nation’s PE teacher’, got to work streaming his workouts for children who were off school. These are great examples of how to lead a fitness class from the comfort of your own home or gym for customers who otherwise would be without your services.

  4. Florist Deliveries

    With possibly the strangest Mothering Sunday just behind us, florists up and down the country offered delivery to their customers, letting them order online and give the address of their loved ones for delivery. 

    Throughout March and April, there will be plenty of times to send flowers, such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you can’t be with your loved ones during this time, being able to send flowers shows that you’re thinking about them – so thank you florists for letting us spread love through your adapted services!

  5. Online Performances

    One of the first groups of events to be cancelled were performances at arenas and other venues, leaving musicians, entertainers and musical theatre productions out of action and their fans upset at cancelled or rescheduled events.

    Living by the saying ‘the show must go on’, many musicians and comedians have released live content streaming through their social media accounts. Due to the cancellation of his show Phantom of the Opera, one such musician to take to Facebook amidst the chaos was
    Andrew Lloyd Webber, playing hit songs from the famous musical from his house.

    Some are even offering paid performances to help raise profits while isolating.


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