How to Launch Your New Product Using Print

How to Launch Your New Product Using Print

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27 Jul 2017

Print marketing can make your product launch go from so-so to so-good with ease. Your product launch is probably planned around digital marketing: landing pages, websites, social media, banner ads… yawn. What you really need is physical material people can touch if you want them to connect with your new product.

We’ve already seen how print and digital marketing should be treated as one entity. However, with product launches, the more physical you can get, the better. Remember: anything that someone can pick up is something they can pass on.


1. Be Creative,

Print marketing is more than business cards, flyers, and posters (although they’re all great, naturally). You can do almost anything when it comes to print materials – from unique table talkers to pamphlets in the shape of your new product, it really is a case of ‘go where your imagination takes you’.

Work with a designer or creative team who are confident and comfortable working within a print environment, and they’ll be able to pass on their existing knowledge of what does and doesn’t work, as well as give new innovative ideas for your campaign.

2. Go Old School

Print media also includes newspapers and magazines, don’t forget! These can be incredibly valuable, whether on a local or national level, for spreading the word about both your new product, and any product launch event.

Contact editors of relevant publications with a well-constructed press release, and follow this up with a phone call a few days later to find out if it’ll be used. If you really want to be noticed, send it via ‘snail mail’ as a full press kit: a branded presentation folder containing a press release, promotional flyer, posters, launch event invitations…whatever you fancy!

Sometimes a publication will print your press release as-is (especially online), so do a quick Google every now and then of some key phrases in the press release, to really gauge the spread of your news.

It's not just press releases, either: consider investing in print media advertising. It’s costly, and difficult to measure returns (unless you’ve created a unique URL, of course), but the right magazine could do wonders for your product launch. Choose something with a niche audience: you’ll find the rates more budget-friendly, while the readership within a target demographic more likely to respond to your product launch.

3. Hold A Product Launch Event

A launch event is your secret weapon to winning over the sceptics. Make the event count: create demand by limiting numbers, book high-class entertainment, and don’t skimp on the wine bar, either.
You could even create your own cocktail list, with names of each related to your business and the new product. It’s easy to find ways to tie your product launch into everything in this way; it just takes a bit of imagination!

Product launch events are prime estate when it comes to promoting via printed materials. Your new product brochure can go into branded goodie bags, your themed cocktail list printed onto table strut cards, your placeholders like folded business cards.

You can, of course, use print even before the event to create the buzz. Flyers are always a great addition to any promotional campaign, while postcards or unique invitations can be sent to your top supporters. A direct mail campaign could include a letter to investors explaining why the product solves a problem, and how they can get a share of the pie.

4. Be Seen… Everywhere

Out-of-home advertising is a fantastic revenue builder. If your budget can stretch to a huge billboard, go for it!

If you’re a little more strapped for cash with your marketing budget, you can still make the most of outdoor advertising to promote your product launch event, and the product itself. PVC banners are a great way to let people know what’s happening, and they’re weatherproof too (a vital aspect in the British climate!).

If you’re holding a large event, you may want to print up branded signs to direct people to the right car park, entrance, fire exit, or venue. Even those not attending the event will still see your branding and could follow up their “I wonder what that is…?” thoughts with a quick Google or visit to your website.

5. Generate Interest At Every Point

Your new product is fascinating to you – right? Make everyone else fascinated too! Create intrigue: pop stickers on your existing orders with a ‘Coming Soon’ message, tease some print adverts in a local paper, or even create a treasure-trail for the curious by leaving a trail of mysterious signs leading to your product demonstration.

Wherever you can generate interest, do it! Your aim with every piece of printed material is to get someone to follow up – whether that’s a phone call, a website visit, or to like your Facebook page. Show people how they can engage with your brand and your products by giving them as many opportunities as possible, all via your printed materials. A Twitter sign here, a phone number there, and it all adds up to one very successful product launch indeed!


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