How to Maximise Sales for the King’s Coronation

How to Maximise Sales for the King’s Coronation

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11 Apr 2023

The King’s coronation is a huge event! Soon, it’ll be the centre of a lot of small businesses marketing as a way to push sales and bring in new customers. But how do you stand out from the crowd?

From coronation-themed products and services to solid social media campaigns, there are plenty of ways for small businesses to capitalise on the excitement of this royal event.

Have a look at some of our top tips for maximising sales during the coronation.


Offer coronation-themed products or services
Pivot on your product offering and services! Small businesses can use the coronation to bring a new edge to their business. For example, restaurants could offer a special coronation-themed menu or a craft shop could create some commemorative merchandise.


Participate in local events
Many cities and towns will hold public events to celebrate a coronation, such as parades or street parties. Your business could participate in these events by setting up a stall or sponsoring the event. It’s a great way to take part and get your business out there.


Collaborate with other small businesses
Teamwork makes the dream work! Consider teaming up with other small businesses to create joint marketing campaigns or promotions to capitalise on the coronation. For example,  a local B&B could partner with a nearby restaurant to offer a "coronation package" that includes a luxurious room and a fancy meal.


Leverage online content
Use social media to promote your coronation-themed products or services and engage with customers who are interested in the event. This can include creating custom hashtags or running social media ads targeting people who are interested in the coronation.

You could also consider creating blog posts, website copy or videos that highlight the significance of the coronation and share interesting facts or trivia about the event. This can help position your business as a knowledgeable and engaged member of the community.


Decorate your business
Decorate your business with coronation-themed decorations to get into the spirit of the event. This can help create a festive atmosphere and attract customers who are in town for the coronation.

You could create a themed window display that showcases your coronation-themed products or services or invest in some outdoor print to highlight your offers! This is a great way to attract the attention of passers-by and entice them to come inside.


Host your own coronation-themed event
Host your own events that tie into the coronation! Have a screening of a historical movie, a lecture about the history of the monarchy, or a themed party. This can help attract more customers and generate buzz around the event and of course your business. Don’t forget to order print that will compliment your itinerary.


Offer special promotions
Consider offering a special promotion or discount to customers who visit during the coronation. This can help incentivise people to visit your business and make a purchase. We’d highly recommend highlighting your offers using an eye-catching poster, complimented with one of our perforated vouchers!


Host a themed competition
You could host a coronation-themed competition, such as a costume contest or trivia contest. This can be a fun and engaging way to get both staff and customers involved and always makes for a fab photo opportunity.


Partner with local charities
As a small business, you could think about partnering with local charities to create coronation-themed fundraising events. This can help generate goodwill in the community and demonstrate your business's commitment to social responsibility.


In Conclusion

The coronation is a great opportunity to be creative, engage with the community, and offer unique and value-added experiences. It can help you create a memorable and exciting experience for customers whilst also helping you generate a little extra revenue.

We’ve got plenty of handy coronation blogs and templates on our website that you can make use of! We’ve even introduced royal foil, a purple foil that you can add to your coronation print for an added touch of luxury.


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