How to Make More Sales with Roller Banners

How to Make More Sales with Roller Banners

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16 Feb 2024

Roller banners are an excellent way to promote your brand and are regularly seen across a range of events, exhibitions and business premises. This valuable marketing tool also increases the number of opportunities you have to drive more sales, so to help you make the most of every lead that comes your way, we’ve put together some of our top ways to use roller banners and boost sales for your business.

Why Should I Use Roller Banners?

Predominantly, businesses tend to use roller banners as a brand awareness tool to draw the attention of their target audience. Businesses often also turn to roller banners to increase sales, especially when promoting special offers or launching new products, as they provide a large canvas to capture the interest of everyone who sees them.

Roller banners are also versatile and portable, meaning you can easily make the most of your messaging across various situations, rather than being fixed to a single location. With this in mind, many brands love using them as a key tool for their marketing campaigns as they can spread their message across several places without spending more money on additional material.

Where Can I Use My Roller Banners?

As we’ve previously alluded to, roller banners are regularly seen in various settings and locations, thanks to their portability. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of the best places for you to use your roller banners so you can maximise your sales potential.

Using Roller Banners at Events and Exhibitions

The place where you’ll most commonly see roller banners is at events and exhibitions. If you’re looking to increase your sales volume, it’s a great idea to make the most of the potential which can be had at these venues, with attendees actively looking for businesses that can support their needs. 

To help increase sales, we’d suggest that you place your roller banners within high traffic areas, such as the main entrance or the walkways in front of your stall. Doing this will get more eyes on your roller banner and increase customer interest. Attendees at exhibitions and events are often actively looking for other businesses that can support their needs, so by strategically placing your roller banners you’ll attract more customers to your stall, leading you to closing more sales. Our top tip to help you increase your chances of capturing customer attention is by using a double sided roller banner. This will provide you with two sides of your promotion, allowing you to promote your offers to customers approaching your stall from both directions, increasing the chance of a sale!

Using Roller Banners in Your Retail Premises

Roller banners are fantastic tools to use within retail business premises as they offer another opportunity to promote your product or service. The portability of roller banners means you can exhibit at an event and then bring your banner in store.

We’d recommend that you consider placing your roller banners where they’ll be seen by the most people, and this is even more important if you have a large floor space. Many businesses like to put roller banners at the entrance to their store or near checkout areas, as they are the two places where customer engagement levels are at their highest. You might want to consider using extra wide roller banners for retail promotions as the provide you with a larger canvas to promote your offerings, causing your customers to be curious as they pass by. Tactical placement helps increase the chances of you converting eyes into sales, so it could be a great idea to monitor where your customers tend to walk when they’re in your store.

Using Roller Banners in Your Commercial Premises

Commercial business premises are also filled with opportunities to make more sales utilising roller banners. Whether you’ve got customers who regularly visit, or want to introduce your products and services to people who meet you for the first time, roller banners are a great way to get your message across and make an immediate impact.

Great places to place roller banners to boost sales in commercial premises include any entrance spaces or places where visitors may congregate. These places are where the most traffic will be when they’re in your business, leading to more eyes seeing your message. Alternatively, you might want to think about putting premium roller banners in the corners of meeting rooms. This will help visitors see your offerings while they’re in the mode of discussing business, increasing the chances of them asking for more information, leading to another sale.

What Makes a Good Roller Banner?

Now that we know how roller banners are great to help you increase sales and where you could place them for optimal effect, we’re going to uncover our top tips for creating one which is highly effective. The key is in the design, and there are 4 major design points which we’ve simplified for you to consider.

Logo Placement

To ensure that you leverage every sales opportunity, whilst also increasing brand awareness, you could consider placing your logo at the top of your roller banners. This will help capture the attention of every customer who passes by, so they know exactly who you are, and enhance the memorability of your brand. Alternatively, some businesses like to incorporate their logos just below their main image at the top of their roller banner, if it’s impactful and relevant to the message, for example, a new innovative product. 

Crafting The Right Key Message

After implementing your logo, you’ll want to deliberate the key message which will be communicated through your roller banners. The key message will be the one which tells the reader what your offer is, so it may be your newest product or a key USP of your services. We’d recommend you start by considering how your target audience would read the message to ensure that it will resonate, and it needs to be concise and to the point, as you’ll only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Creating your key message doesn’t have to be overly complicated, we’ve created some examples to help you get started -

  • Example Festival - 30th August 2024. 
  • Increase your email revenue by 23%!
  • Try our new - Example Product! 

Writing The Content

We’ve covered crafting the key message, so next you’ll want to look at what else needs to be written on your roller banner. We’d recommend minimising the amount of text that you use. Key points to consider include a short message or bullet points which emphasise your offering, a CTA (call to action, Grammarly have written 50 great examples, which you can find here) and your contact information, as this will help secure the sale. You should also think about the language you use, and ensure that what you write is compelling and prompts your customer to take the necessary steps which lead to the sale. We know that it can feel daunting to write the content and you might not know what should be included or removed. We’ve put the key points to cover below, which will help you be more confident to strike the right balance -

  • Call to action - have you signposted the consumer on how they can take action? For example “Call now”, “Visit our website” or “Speak to our team for more information”.
  • Clear, concise points on your offering. This could include your brand’s strapline or key benefits based on your promotion. We’d suggest sticking to 3-5 bullet points, so you don’t overwhelm your consumer.
  • Contact information - Help your consumer get in touch with you going forward. Your telephone number, email address, website and any social media handles are all perfect to increase future traffic and sales.

Creating The Design

Once you know what message you’re looking to share, you can finally start thinking about your design and how the end product will look. We’d recommend you consider staying consistent with your other marketing material, especially if you’re using it as part of a wider campaign. By making the most of the colours and fonts related to your brand, and utilising high quality imagery combined with impactful text, you can ensure that your roller banner is seen across every room. You’ll want as many people as possible to see your promotion, so take your time creating a design you’re proud of! It’s easy to overthink the design process, however, we’d suggest that you consider sticking to the basics - 

  • Split your design into thirds - 
    • Top - Logo and branding
    • Middle - Key message
    • Bottom - Content and contact information
  • Maintain consistency with your colour choices and use contrasting colours to help keep text clear and readable
  • Keep it uncluttered. There should be plenty of white space available to allow your consumers to digest the content, while also being able to consume the content of your roller banner in order without getting lost along the way.


In Conclusion

We know that as a business, you want to increase your ROI as much as possible with all of your marketing activity, and roller banners are a great way to do so. By making the most of your design, and carefully considering the placement of your roller banners, you can ensure that your message is viewed and understood, leading to increased sales volumes from your messaging.


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