Club Flyer or Leaflet Creation & Design Tips

Club Flyer or Leaflet Creation & Design Tips

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31 Oct 2019

So you’ve organised a killer club night – now the only thing left to do is get the word out! For that, you’ll need to come up with a flyer design people won’t be able to refuse. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the top tips on how to create a successful club flyer or leaflet. 

You could be creating flyers for an event that everyone will talk about for years to come, Christmas club flyers for a festive night out or classy club flyers for a sophisticated soiree. Whatever your party plans, read our cool party flyer design tips to create your own marketing material online.


  1. Choose Your Club Flyer

    Before you start thinking about which colours you’re going to use or what image would look best, it’s important to take a minute to choose the right kind of flyer for your event. I know what you’re thinking – surely a flyer is just a flyer. But that’s where you’re wrong! You can give a totally wrong impression just on the size or paper you choose to print on.

    For a classic, no-fail club event flyer that you’re going to hand out, we recommend going for either a standard A5 or an A6 that passers-by can easily pocket as you give it to them. If you’re posting them on a wall, A4 or A3 flyers are a better option because their size will make them stand out.

    Print is such a tangible way of marketing – you’re literally handing a piece of your event over to someone and letting them judge it based on how it looks and feels. A thicker paper stock is best for high-quality club flyers, but if you’re handing out thousands of them, a thinner stock will help you stick to your budget. 

    The best thing for you to do is to go as thick as you can afford for the event.

  2. Pick One Eye-Catching Image

    If you search online for flyer designs, you might find yourself with a headache: some of the examples out there are so busy, it’s hard to know where to look!

    Avoiding this is key to creating a successful club flyer. There’s one pretty nifty trick to striking a balance and grabbing attention: pick one striking image and base the rest of your design around that. This could be a person, a scene or even a bright 3D design. Here are a few examples of winning club flyer designs that hit the nail on the head when it comes to basing their design around one key concept.

    futuristic club flyer with a pink and orange gradient

    (Style Wish Studio)

    We particularly like the trendy use of gradients in this design.


    Giving definite city-that-never-sleeps vibes, perfect for DJ sets and club parties! 

    purple and pink club flyer design

    (Creative flyers)
    A super popular technique, many club leaflet designs use a photo of a glamourous model to promote the event’s sexy vibe.

  3. Focus on the Font

    Choosing the right typography for your club flyer or leaflet design is just as important as picking a stellar image. This is where you can play on the name of the club night – if it’s futuristic, use bold futuristic fonts like Blanka, Elixia or Ailerons. If it’s a 90s throwback event, try retro fonts like Designer Block, Minisystem Regular and Geo Regular.

    Play around with some statement fonts to find the one that works for you. Here are a couple of awesome examples of eye-catching club flyer fonts to help inspire your decision.

    80s and 90s style club flyer design

    (The Nu Agency)


    (Style Wish Studio)

  4. Use Contrasting Colours

    Those of you with a keen eye might have noticed something about all the club flyer examples used so far… they generally have dark backgrounds that are then contrasted with bright images, fonts and colours. These colours reflect the event – night-time club parties with flashing strobe lights. It’s almost like you’re giving clubbers a taste of what’s to come!

    When you’re creating your own custom club party flyer or leaflet, try starting with a dark background. You can create a neon effect for your text using Photoshop’s blending options – just type in your text, convert it to a smart object and play around with the layer style until you get the effect you want.

    If you are going for an 80s or 90s club event, stick to flat shapes and colours because that’ll give your club flyer design a true retro feel. Just remember to keep them bright and your flyer will still stand out.

  5. Add the Important Bits

    An essential cool party flyer design tip is to make sure it’s still functional! Once you’ve hooked your reader with a cool design, you need to give them the finer details so they turn up on the night. As well as the standard date, time and location you’d expect from a standard club flyer, you’ll need to let attendees know who’s making an appearance, if there’s a dress code and the entry price for your club night.

    (Resident Advisor)

  6. Include an Enticing Discount

    Want to really make the most of your club event flyers? Double their marketing power by adding some kind of incentive to come along! Whether that’s ‘free entry with this flyer’ or ‘get a drink on us with this flyer’, give them a reason to keep hold of the flyer until the night and solidify their intent to attend. 


So now you know how to create a successful club flyer or leaflet! Still not super confident in your graphic design skills? Not a problem. It’s easy to create your own flyers online using our free club flyer templates. Or why not create your own design from scratch using our free flyer maker? Start designing now!

For even more inspiration, here are our top tips for creating a captivating flyer design.



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