The Estate Agent's Guide to Property Marketing

The Estate Agent's Guide to Property Marketing

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26 Sep 2019

Looking to boost sales and find more clients for your estate agent business? We’ve gathered all of our top tips, tricks and tools for marketing properties in 2019. Read on to find out more about estate agency marketing strategies, the marketing materials that every estate agent needs and more…


Estate Agent Marketing Ideas

To start you off, we’ve listed a few of our favourite real estate marketing ideas. You can personalise these ideas to make them your own, but they’re all things your business should be doing to promote yourself and your properties.


Combine Print and Digital Marketing

For best results, you need to use a range of different marketing mediums. You marketing campaigns should always include a digital and print element if you want to attract the most attention. 
For example, you could send a marketing email to home buyers showing the newest additions to your portfolio and send a leaflet out at the same time. Your potential customers might be more receptive to one method over the other – and if they haven’t seen the email, they’ll at least have seen your flyer!


Prioritise User Experience

If you’re a content marketer, making sure your online user experience is as simple as possible will be one of your key concerns. Make sure you ask for feedback on your customers’ website experience to find areas you could improve. 


Promote on Social Media

Social media can make news of your properties spread like wildfire, especially because properties are ideal for social sharing. You can target adverts on sites like Facebook to people who’ve already been browsing your site. It also makes it easier for them to share these links with partners and roommates.


Use Email Marketing Reminders

Just like on social media, you can also retarget customers with emails. Just send them a reminder that the house they were interested in is still up for grabs – it might just be the push they need! Just make sure their email address is registered to receive your marketing emails.


Advertise in Your Local Area

Usually, you’ll be selling housing to people buying a home in the local community – so that’s going to be your target audience. The best way to target home buyers locally is by advertising in areas of high traffic. Try bus stop posters, flyer drops and mailers that are specific to the postcodes surrounding the properties that are for sale.

Here’s what consumers love to see from marketing in your area!


Invite Potential Buyers to an Open House

We couldn’t leave an open house off our list of marketing tips! Send invites out in the post to potential home buyers and make your own ‘open house’ sign to go in the garden. Taster events are great for customers who are on the verge of committing to buying. 

It’s a good next step to actively property searching, and it also means you get to meet potential clients and build rapport. Make sure you’ve got plenty of business cards on that day!


Measure Your Results

Before you even put your plan into place, measure your current success. This will give you a good base line that any marketing efforts after this point can be measured against.
For measuring results online, like website views and profit, Google Analytics is a great tool. If you’re planning on running an offline campaign, try including a trackable code for something like a free consultation – that way you’ll be able to measure how effective that method is for you.


Property Marketing Tools

Now we bet you’re brimming with ideas! To help you out, we’ve created this print marketing toolkit that’s perfect for estate agents. Here are all the different marketing materials you need to impress potential clients.


Presentation Folders

There are a few different ways estate agents use branded folders for their marketing. Firstly, they’re great for handing out a welcome pack or introduction to the process for your property buyers. 

Further down your customers’ journey, they’re also really handy for sending valuations, appraisals and property brochures – and with pockets included for your business card, you can let them know you’re just a phone call or email away.


For Sale Signs

Estate agents need to stick to their marketing budget too! And a great way of making sure you do is to print your own custom for sale signs

Not a confident designer? We’ve got loads of free templates to help get you started – design online with our free tool and add your logo! Pick A2 for residential signage, or larger sizes for larger properties.


Property Brochures

Next, you’ll need a way to actually market your properties. If people have signed up to your website or if you’re not online yet, property brochures are always well received! 

You can also keep a pile of them in your real estate agents waiting area so people can browse through available properties while they’re waiting, or even take them away with them.


New Home Cards

Don’t forget about post-purchase customer service. Welcome customers into their new home with a custom card and uphold your fantastic reputation and relationships. You never know, they might recommend you!


Business Cards

Slot them in your presentation folders, or hand them out to new customers. Either way, there’s no better way of swapping contact details than a business card

We recommend choosing a heavier stock – the heavier, the higher the quality. And you need to communicate the best first impression with your cards.


Business Stationery

You’ll know that there’s a lot of back and forth in property marketing. Make sure all your letters are branded with personalised letterheadshere’s everything you need to include.

Don’t stop there – every note card and compliment slip should have your branding on it. This goes toward establishing your business and spreading awareness of your services. Basically, it helps you stick in people’s minds!



Showcase your top property buys with a leaflet mailer! They’re the perfect size to show off properties and one of the best ways to market your business locally. 

You could even pass them on to other local businesses to hand out – just make sure you offer to hand their flyers and leaflets out too! 


Ready to get your next marketing campaign rolling? Check out our new estate agent print and stock up on essentials. Or, for more marketing inspiration, here’s how to measure if your print marketing is working.


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