5 Ways to Use Custom Sticker Sheets

5 Ways to Use Custom Sticker Sheets

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12 Dec 2022

Sticker sheets are an incredibly popular tool, for illustrators, marketers and even teachers – but are you getting the most out of them for your business? The humble sticker sheet might look like a lot of fun (and believe us, it is!), but it can also help you achieve some of your business’s biggest goals.

In this need-to-know guide, we’ll cover exactly what sticker sheets are as well as how innovative marketers and other professionals are using them to their advantage.


What is a Sticker Sheet?

A sticker sheet is a sheet of adhesive paper with several peelable stickers on it. The stickers can be different shapes and sizes or all the same. Sticker sheets allow you to add multiple sticker designs to one sheet. Plus, they’re flat, making them easier to store.


What Are Sticker Sheets Used For? 5 Ways to Use Custom Sticker Sheets

1. Showcase a collection of designs

Illustrators and graphic designers tend to use custom sticker sheets to collate themes of sticker designs on one sheet. Having a theme of different designs on one sheet makes them easy to distribute to customers. 

lilac sticker sheets with custom shaped carton stickers

The theme in the example we’ve created (pictured above) uses a fun cartoon style that would appeal to consumers who have or look after children. This style of sticker is also commonly collected by stationery lovers to add their own personal branding to their home offices and other areas of their house. 

2. Organisational & calendar stickers

Custom stickers can also be used to help you keep track of important dates and deadlines so you stay on track all year round. Creating day of the week stickers to organise your to-do lists, or truck-shaped stickers to make note of upcoming deliveries will add a visual element to your calendar, journal or diary, making you more inclined to take action when you need to.

sticker sheets with calendar reminder and note stickers on it

This type of sticker is also popular for use with bullet journals, which are used to make tracking daily habits and goals more visually appealing.

3. Education reward stickers

A student sticker reward system is a classic classroom management technique used by teachers for decades – and for good reason. Having pupils earn reward stickers motivates them by giving them a sense of pride and achievement for a job well done.

teacher reward sticker sheets with star stickers in different colours

Custom sticker sheets allow you to personalise the stickers with your teachers’ names as well as create different colours and messages depending on the behaviour you’re rewarding. It also gives students the option of picking the sticker design they want, adding an extra motivation factor for earning the prize.

Here are some more easy ways to use print to enhance your classroom experience.

4. Product packaging & labels

Product packaging will always require labelling to inform customers of what they’re buying, and custom sticker sheets offer a ton of possibilities when it comes to this. For example, if you’ve got a range of products with different ingredients or best before dates, you can print a sheet of labels with different information on each one.

wine bottle sticker sheet for different types of wine

Our example features wine bottle labels, but this would work just as well for jars of produce as well as packaging boxes that require different addresses.

5. Sales and promotions

If you’ve ever browsed through sale items before, you’ll be well aware of stickers being used to advertise show customers which products are being offered at a discounted rate. They’re usually in the most eye-catching colours such as yellow and red to grab attention and encourage purchases.
sticker sheets with various sticker designs for sales and new product promotions

Using custom sticker sheets means you can give customers even more information to make their purchase as easy (and therefore as likely) as possible. These types of stickers come in particularly useful if your various products have different discounts applied to them as you can advertise the discount and the new price of each item.


How Many Stickers Fit on a Sticker Sheet?

Due to being heavily customisable, the number of stickers you fit on a sheet is completely up to you. At instantprint, our sheets are A5 and A6 size so you’d be able to fit more stickers of the same size on the A5 sticker sheet compared with the A6 one. You’ll also need to leave a 6mm gap between stickers and ensure that all stickers are a minimum size of 10mm x 10mm.


How to Print Your Own Sheets of Stickers

The easiest way to make your own custom sticker sheets is to get them printed online. Not only can you download free templates to make light work of the design, but here at instantprint, we can help set up your custom shapes to help bring your stickers to life no matter your design skills. Check out our full range of custom sticker sheets to get started!


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