How to Create Resources for Schools Using Print

How to Create Resources for Schools Using Print

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20 Nov 2020

Creating print resources for schools is all about quality and creativity – something we’ve got bags of here at instantprint. To help you create some essential school print, from academic diaries and school letterheads to classroom display posters and certificates, we’ve gathered all the best ways to use print for schools in one handy place.


  1. Academic Diaries & Planners

    Diaries are a school year essential – not only for pupils but for teaching staff too. To make your own academic planner or diary:

    •    Add a contact section in – just in case the diary gets lost!
    •    Run the diary from September to August instead of January to December
    •    Add in a section for a weekly class timetable, with room for the subject, time, room number and teacher
    •    Leave plenty of space for notes
    •    Add a section for praises and merits
    •    Add a homework planner section
    •    Include important dates for your school, like holidays and training days

    And finally, brand your academic diaries with your school’s crest or logo to show pride in what you do!

    We recommend printing your academic planners (the ones you give to students) on wire bound booklets – that way, they can open up the pages flat to write notes in.

  2. Name Tags

    On the first day of school, name tags are a great way for everyone to get to know each other and will especially help small children who are learning how to read. Create name tags using rectangle stickers with pre-printed names (you know, to avoid any illegible handwriting) for an easy way to prepare for the first day of school as soon as you get your class list.

  3. Classroom Labels

    One of the last (and most time consuming) tasks you’ll do at the end of every school year is gut it from the previous year ready to make it shiny and new for your next class. Make it a little easier for yourself and your poor TA by professionally printing your draw, pencil pot and cloakroom tags. There’ll be nothing quite as impressive for the next set of parents than seeing your high quality, custom silk stickers – we promise! 

  4. Educational Posters

    Educational posters and school wall displays all contribute towards a stimulating and engaging environment for young children – and they’re something that children, their parents, the management team and OFSTED will be looking at closely. 

    To make sure your classroom displays ooze quality, print your posters online for extra vibrant colours and an unbeatable silky finish that you just can’t replicate with your home off staffroom printer.

  5. School Letterheads

    Although many school communications have gone digital, the letterhead is still a must-have stationery item for educational establishments. From school trips and reply slips to school lunch menu changes and extra-curricular events, sending out a letter is a professional way to communicate changes and upcoming events to parents – and it gives them something concrete to pin up on the fridge at home to remind them of any actions they need to take.

  6. Worksheets

    Whether you need sets of differentiated worksheets for each skill level in your class, homework sheets, or handouts to assist classroom learning, having a supply of worksheets is always essential. Print them out on uncoated A4 flyers for the best results for writing and affordability. 

    Printed out school worksheets are especially important for classes that are working from home so your pupils have got all the resources their need to learn wherever they are – whether they have access to the internet or not!

  7. Activity Books

    For the most cost-effective way to ensure your pupils have got enough worksheets to support their learning, at home or in the classroom, is to create activity books. With wire bound booklets (that look like notebooks from the outside), the wire means pupils can lay the pages out flat to draw on, whereas stapled books are a cheaper option – just make sure to choose an uncoated inside page stock so they’re easy to write in.

    You could fill the book with maths puzzles, colouring pictures, art assignments or even use them as reading planners, where pupils can enter in reviews of the books they’ve read at home.

  8. Window Decorations

    Window clings use static instead of a sticky adhesive to stick to windows and other flat surfaces. That means no messy residue when you decide to take them down! Plus, you can peel them off and re-stick them as many times as you want.

    We recommend sticking these on windows to help stimulate learning whilst students are outside during playtime – especially for younger years. Otherwise, they’re great for advertising upcoming book fairs and afterschool events in gym and office windows around the school.

  9. Certificates

    As a child, there’s no better feeling than the pride that comes with accepting a signed certificate in front of the whole class or assembly. For certificates that are worthy of top spot on the mantelpiece at home, get them professionally printed online. Available in a range of high-quality stocks, parents will be able to treasure these certificates of achievement for a long time to come and will make the children value them even more.


There are loads of ways you can use print to create school resources – which is your favourite way? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter by tagging us @instantprintuk for a chance to be featured on our channel, website, emails, blog and mailers!


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