Top Tips for Planning a Sustainable Wedding

Top Tips for Planning a Sustainable Wedding

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04 May 2023

If you have a wedding on the horizon and sustainability is at the forefront of your theme, don’t worry. You can still enjoy a special day filled with all the print essentials you need to help your day run smoothly all whilst minimising your impact on the environment.

UK weddings are again one of the chief offenders when it comes to CO2 contributions. As many as 14.5 tonnes of the gas will be created during an average celebration.

Let us show you some of our top sustainable wedding ideas when it comes to print and make sure you’ve got still got the essentials you need for the big day without overconsumption.


Only order what you need

With our wide range of quantity options, you can order exactly what you need for a more sustainable wedding. That means you won’t have to round your order up to a higher quantity resulting in wasted resources and unnecessary prints.


Choose a recycled paper stock

When looking to order sustainable wedding print, why not choose a recycled stock? Our recycled stock is thick and uncoated with an ink absorbency that matches our classic uncoated range like for like, perfect for writing on. Made from 100% recycled fibres but pure white in colour, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. All of our stocks are also FSC® certified!


Lamination and foiling alternatives

Lamination, foiling and spot UV are often popular choices for wedding print but this means that they’re unable to be recycled afterwards. As a sustainable wedding alternative, why not choose one of our creative stocks? Kraft, conquer wove and gold dust are just some of the stocks you can choose from. Not only do they ooze luxury with a luxury finish, but they can also be recycled after printing on.


Use your theme to lead the design

It’s incredibly popular to adorn every piece of wedding print with your name, date or other elements of personalisation. Although memorable, it limits the print's use. By picking a design and sticking to a theme, you can use it for your engagement party right through to your wedding! You could even pass your print on to others or sell it online to couples who are also eco-conscious or possibly on a budget.


Opt for reusable print items

You could consider using reusable materials, such as whiteboards, for wedding signs and menus. This reduces the need for paper and minimizes waste but still allows you to customise your design.


Give out favours that can be recycled or reused

Wedding favours often get left behind on tables and easily end up in the bin. A more sustainable wedding choice would be to opt for wedding favours that people will want to take home and can reuse again and again. Like a tote bag, water bottle or mug that is practical and fun! Our gift tags can also be recycled making them an excellent choice for personalising your favours.


Put all your information in one handy place

Instead of giving guests their own menus or creating seating charts for each table, opt for one big print that highlights everything you need. An A-board is a perfect sustainable wedding choice, not to mention it’s super quirky! Display your seating chart on one side and the menu on the other, you’re reducing your consumption but you’re still able to showcase important information to guests.


Combine print efforts

Plenty of wedding print can be combined into one design instead of printing several different items. Your place name cards could be doubled up as a free drink token. Your invitations can have the order of service printed on the back. Your menus could have names on them or your signage could be double-sided and swapped from ceremony to reception.


Work with a sustainable printer

Last but not least, work with a sustainable printer! At instantprint we are committed to creating world-class print in a way that preserves the planet. So, by working with us, your big day can also sustainable.

Recyclable packaging 

100% of our packaging is recyclable! We’ve completely removed the plastic tape on our packaging and replaced it with paper tape. We’ve also reduced the size of our packaging and the amount of filler we use. When you order wedding print from us, you can expect it to be delivered with sustainability in mind.

Clean, green delivery

We work with DPD to offer our gold-standard of quick high-quality print, delivered on time and in pristine condition, that’s not at the expense of the environment.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our dedication to offering a sustainable printing service, we’ve achieved carbon-neutral certification since 2021. By reducing our carbon footprint, this not only means that we’re operating more sustainably, but by printing with a carbon-neutral printer, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint too!

Free 10 Point Artwork Check

The secret to getting your print design right first time and reducing the number of reprints in our factory? Our in-house Studio team’s famous artwork check. Every single time you place an order with instantprint, your artwork will be personally checked by a member of the team using our rigorous (and 100% free) 10-point quality check! Not only will less print be wasted, but your wedding designs will get a thorough look over before print. No need to worry!


In conclusion

Creating a sustainable wedding isn’t as hard as you might think!
With the right mindset and a sustainable printer on hand, you can ensure your wedding is surrounded by quality print products that look the part but have had less of an impact on the environment.


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