How to Run Your Local Election Campaign Safely During a Pandemic

How to Run Your Local Election Campaign Safely During a Pandemic

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16 Feb 2021

When it comes to running a successful election campaign, there are lots of different things to consider – especially in the midst of a global pandemic. The May local elections are still going ahead in the UK in 2021, but political campaigns will definitely look a little different this year.

One thing that definitely won’t change is your ambition to make a big impact on your local community. Now all that’s left is getting that determination across to the voters, and doing it safely.

In this guide, we’ve outlined a few of the different ways you can still run your local election campaign and keep your communications COVID-secure.


What’s Going to Be Different?

First things first, let’s look at what we already know will be different to help get a better idea of how to votes will go down on the day.

1.    Staggered elections – Scotland are potentially looking at staggering when the public can vote across 2 or 3 days to allow for better social distancing and regular cleaning of the polling booth, however, England is committed to its usual timetable with a bring-your-own-biro policy.

2.    Postal votes – although the government has rejected the idea of all-postal voting, more voters may choose this option to avoid visiting highly congested town halls and community spaces.

3.    Door-to-door leafleting – all political parties should have received a letter stating that they should not begin door-to-door campaigning until the National Lockdown is over. It may also be wise to consider limiting the amount of face-to-face campaigning you undertake this year to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.



5 Ways to Run Your Local Election Campaign Safely During Coronavirus

1.    Mail Drops

Although going door-to-door might not be a viable option for this spring’s local elections, mail drops are still a great way to get something tangible about your party into the hands of the general public.

We recommend including flyers and pamphlets to illustrate your top priorities and how you’d benefit the community if voted in, as well as ‘I’m voting’ stickers for voters to wear. In lieu of the chat you’d have with the potential voter at their door, pop a letter from the local MP in the post to introduce them on a more personal level.

You can take all the hassle out of printing and getting delivered by getting a quote from our free account management service: we can print your election materials and ship them to different addresses, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about!


2.    Go Digital

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, much of the world has gone digital – people are working remotely, doing their shopping online and catching up with friends and family virtually. And since online is where the people are, that’s where you should be too!

Just because you can’t host events in-person doesn’t mean you should shy away from them altogether. Invite members of the local community to Q&A sessions on video conferencing tools like Skype and Zoom, or post polls online to engage voters and learn what really matters to them.

Other digital campaign methods include sending out emails, posting updates on your website and posting (and replying to commenters) on social media.


3.    Pick Up the Phone

“Hello, can we count on your vote?”

Cold-calling might have a few negative conceptions, but the insights you can gather through the phone can be essential for fuelling the rest of your campaign. Knowing who’s planning on voting (and for whom) means you can send more targeted messages to them at a later date.

Plus, it gives you another opportunity to get a friendly chat in and get to know the local constituency and their concerns, as well as communicate what your party aims to do, without having to get face-to-face with them amidst the pandemic.


4.    Advertise Outdoors

Creating outdoor signage to encourage voters to pick up a pen is almost like an age-old tradition.

And there are plenty of weatherproof outdoor advertising materials that will help your message shine through the April showers. Correx signs are great in gardens for voters to show who they’re supporting – plus, they’re recyclable, which helps support any of your environmental promises.

PVC banners are another popular option. Available in a huge range of sizes, they can be fitted to near enough any outdoor surface, so your message can even be seen from afar.


5.    Add Antibacterial Lamination

When the time comes that we can meet each other face-to-face (even if face masks are still part of the equation), another way to help mitigate the risk of spreading bacteria and to show how serious you’re taking your community’s health is to laminate anything you’re planning to pass to people with antibacterial lamination.

This special print finish uses silver ion technology to eliminate up to 99% of surface bacteria. Plus, it’s a very glossy finish which lends well to being wiped down after use for extra safety! 


We hope this blog gives you plenty of ideas for alternative campaigning during a lockdown. If you’d like to speak to an account manager today who can help supply you with printed election materials, you can find all the details you need here.


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