Everything You Need to Know About instantprint's Packaging

Everything You Need to Know About instantprint's Packaging

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12 Oct 2022

Getting your print from A-B (A being our South Yorkshire print facility, and B being in your hands!) in perfect condition is a huge priority for our team at instantprint HQ, which is we’ve chosen the best materials to securely deliver your print. When you place an order with instantprint, here’s what you can expect from our packaging.


White Label Packaging

As specialists in B2B printing, we understand the need for confidentiality when it comes to your packaging. That’s why we use white labelling for every single package you receive as standard. 

White label packaging is discreet and unbranded. This means that none of instantprint’s branding will appear on your box or delivery label, which ensures your client will not know the origin of the parcel.

This also gives you the option to customise the packaging before you send it to your client, for example adding your own branded stickers to the box or tube.

The plain packaging will not contain any in-package marketing materials such as flyers from us, or your invoice. You can access your invoice in your account on our website. 


Sustainably Sourced Material

Here at instantprint, we pride ourselves on our environmental stance. As well as sourcing all of our paper stock from FSC-accredited sources and 100% of our energy usage coming from renewable sources. That includes the timber-derived products we use for our packaging! As well as all of our packaging being sourced from FSC-certified suppliers, it's also fully recyclable – including the plastic.


Recent Packaging Improvements

Reduced packaging

As part of our internal War on Waste campaign, we’ve reduced our packaging by reducing the size and number of variants of packaging, meaning we don’t need to add as much padding to the boxes. We also don’t use polystyrene as filler in our boxes – instead, we’ll use scrunched up paper that’s easier to recycle.

We’ve also removed the plastic tape on our packaging and replaced it with paper tape and reduced the shrink wrapping on our business cards by 67%. Any plastic that we do use is derived from plants and all of the paper and cardboard in our packaging is recycled. 


man holding an instantprint package

Lighter packaging

We’ve reduced the overall weight of our largest boxes, so both our employees and customers are able to comfortably manage their parcels. As well as being lighter, our new packaging is also thicker – keeping your print safe and sound until it reaches your door!

Reduced size

We’ve also reduced the size of our outer and inner boxes, meaning we can pack your print more precisely and easily – which will massively reduce the need for filling and cushioning on smaller orders. Your print will be just as safe and secure – it’ll just fit in the box a lot better!

Easier and faster to build

We pride ourselves on our reputation of being a fast turnaround printer, so it’s essential that we can get your packages out of the door lickety-split! Our new boxes are now easier and faster to build.


man sliding a poster tube off a packaging shelf

Removed plastic

One of our long-term goals is to remove as much plastic as possible from our packaging. So far, we’ve reduced shrink wrapping on business card packaging by 67% and transitioned away from plastic tape on all packages to ensure that the packaging used can be recycled. The only plastic we now use is recyclable, derived from plants and only used to secure specific products for quality purposes.


instantprint package on a conveyer belt


Packaging FAQs

How are different products packaged?

We’ve specifically designed our packaging to keep your print in tip top condition once it’s been dispatched from our factory. That means we use a variety of types of packaging depending on the product you’ve ordered.

The majority of our printed products will arrive in a cardboard box. If you’ve ordered more than one of a product, the quantity will be banded together to ensure the entire order arrives neatly with you. 

For poster sizes A2 and over, your print will arrive in a tube. This style of packaging ensures it is easier to safely transport your large format prints. Here’s a quick guide on how to flatten a rolled poster.

How many products are in one package?

We try to keep the number of packages we use per order to a minimum to reduce any waste that we can. However, due to the custom nature of our clients’ orders, we can’t guarantee an exact number of items in each package.

Do I need to approve every item in my order before it gets printed?

Yes! If one piece of artwork in your order hasn’t been approved, this will delay the entire order. If you aren’t in a position to approve all pieces of artwork but need other items in your basket urgently, we recommend removing the delayed item from your basket and placing your order without it. You can then place another order when your artwork is ready to approve. 

Please double check to make sure you’ve approved all artwork to ensure we can get it to print as soon as possible

Can I print my own labels?

All of our packaging goes out white label as standard, which means there is no branding on the package. If you’d like to include your own branded labels, you can print them separately and apply them to your packaging yourself before sending the package on to your customers.

If you want to send out direct mail packages to multiple addresses, we can arrange this for you. Get in touch with our account management team for a quote!


Get in Touch

If you have any more questions about our packaging, our print experts are on hand to help! Get in touch with our client services team over Live Chat, email or phone during our opening hours and we’ll be happy to answer any packaging query or pass suggestions on to our team.


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