What to Include in a Business Calendar

What to Include in a Business Calendar

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08 Sep 2023


The New Year is approaching fast, which means one thing! It’s time to start thinking about designing and ordering some personalised business calendars for your workplace. Calendars are perfect for giving out to staff members or to your most loyal customers. But you might be thinking, what should I include in my design for my business calendar?

In this article, we’re going to go over what you should include in your calendar, ideas you can use for your specific industry and where you can get your calendars printed.


What to Include in Your Business Calendar

A successful corporate calendar is not just a boring combination of grids with times and dates. It’s a way to celebrate each month of the year with your business, whilst also keeping yourself and others organised.

In this section, we’ll break down the essential elements for creating a calendar that you should include!


  • Important Dates: One of the main things to include in your calendar is crucial dates. This needs to include bank holidays (such as Christmas), highlights or milestones of your business year, or even dates that are only of importance in your industry.


  • Great imagery: Your calendar should showcase the best imagery you’ve got, you can try using imagery that is fun or nice to look at and/or is representative of the month. For example, for December include a festive photo! Remember, people will look at the calendar for an entire year, so don’t make it boring.


  • Front/back cover: This cover will be someone's first opinion of your calendar. You will want to also include your brand logo and the year.


Want to know more about the basics of making a calendar? Check out our calendar printing basics guide here.


Calendar Ideas by Business


Imagery: Warm and welcoming pictures of people, pictures from events or previous fundraisers.

Dates: Upcoming fundraising events, meetings or campaign launch dates.


Clubs & Organisations

Imagery: Members of your organisation, event snapshots from previous years or promotional materials.

Dates: Include meeting schedules, planned event dates (like fundraising events), or membership renewal reminders.


Design, Art, Photography & Media Services

Imagery: Feature your best designs, creative processes, or even future artistic projects.

Dates: Your own holiday dates, launches or exhibitions you are planning to attend.



Imagery: Photography of the school, students engaged in learning or educational resources.

Dates: School holidays, planned teacher meetings or exam dates.


Food, Drink & Restaurants

Imagery: Mouth-watering images of your food, pictures of the restaurant, or business successes.

Dates: Include opening times, key holiday days (Easter, Christmas) or special events.

Pasta Brioni used there calendar to feature their staff in a tounge-and-cheek way


Health, Fitness, Medical & Beauty

Imagery: Images that suggest health and wellness, photos of happy clients or beauty transformations.

Dates: Opening times, seasonal offers or product launch dates.


Hotels, B&Bs, and Accommodation

Imagery: Images around the accommodation, local hotspots, or satisfied guests.

Dates: Maintenance schedules, local opening times or room booking details.


Legal & Business Services

Imagery: Professional imagery of your team, office space or big projects.

Dates: Key business dates, consultation schedules or yearly events.


Leisure, Outdoor & Activities

Imagery: Images of people doing events, group activities or scenic locations.

Dates: Opening times, seasonal events or special guest appearances.


Music & Arts

Imagery: Images of the band/artist, art exhibitions or musical instruments.

Dates: Concert dates, gallery openings, or launch dates.


Pet & Animal

Imagery: Heart-warming pictures of pets or animals, adoption stories or fun facts.

Dates: Opening times, fun animal-related holidays, or business events.


Political & Government

Imagery: Images of members of government, pictures of the local office or key figures in the past.

Dates: Important political dates such as elections, public hearings, or out-of-office events.


Printers & Print Resellers

Imagery: Showing your print products, marketing materials or the printing process.

Dates: Delivery deadlines, top products per season or trade show dates.


Property & Real Estate

Imagery: Images of the property, satisfied home buyers or idyllic locations.

Dates: Open house dates, opening hours for showrooms or expected building completion.


Pubs, Clubs & Night Life

Imagery: Images of your venue, patrons enjoying themselves or locations near the venue.

Dates: Event promotions, special guest appearances or themed nights.


Religious Organisations

Imagery: Images of religious services, symbols, or community gatherings.

Dates: Key religious dates in the calendar year, community events or event schedules.


Retail & Shopping

Imagery: Showcase products, inside the story, or happy shoppers with their purchases.

Dates: Plan sales events, store opening times, and seasonal promotions.


Trades People & Services

Imagery: Images of skilled tradespeople at work, tools, or before-and-after project photos.

Dates to Mention: Project deadlines, dates of operation and key work events.


Transport & Logistics

Imagery: images of transportation vehicles, logistics processes, or on-time deliveries.

Dates: Shipment schedules, vehicle maintenance, and driver shifts.


Where to Get Your Business Calendar Printed (UK)

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In this article, we’ve looked at all the creative ways you can create your own business calendar. If you are interested in other similar products for your business, take a look at our other great organisational tools like diaries or whiteboards!



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