Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Natalie Moloney

Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Natalie Moloney

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25 Nov 2015

Natalie Moloney is one of the ten finalists in the instantprint Inspirational Business Awards, read more about her story and her business, Pink Lemonade Productions in this interview.

1.) What has been the toughest part of setting up your business and getting to where you are now?

The late nights and time away from my children and family. I didn’t appreciate how many hours you need to put in to running your own business and it was hard to adjust to that and make the sacrifices. The first year especially was really tough with learning how to take care of everything but it has all been worth it.

2.) Why did you enter the inspirational business awards?

I would like to be considered for this award as I have started my own small business which has won awards from business and retail giants Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold in its first year. I am also a full-time mother to two toddlers, a volunteer, ambassador for an international anti-bullying charity and Ms Great Britain United Nations.

I dedicate my company resources to fundraising for worthy causes and I have huge ambitions for the future as I am passionate about making a difference for future generations.

3.) What do you think makes your story so inspirational to other small business start-ups? And why do you think you deserve to win?

My business has strong charity roots offering services on a volunteer basis, we now host our own charity events and have raised over £5,000 for charity this year. My focus is on using my company resources to fundraise for worthy causes, and it is stronger than ever.

I have recently launched two charity projects: the Inner Beauty Initiative, a campaign championing confidence in adolescent and teenage girls. I am also working on a project for children in the care system, much like does in the USA, providing backpacks and personal items to children who often have nothing but bin bags to put their minimal belongings in during their translation to their next 'home'. Foster children can move many times each year, and by having some items to call their own, they can have a better sense of self.

4.) If you could give one piece of advice to small business start-ups, what would it be?

Believe in yourself 100% and don’t doubt your idea or plan. Don’t worry too much about what other people think and their opinions. If you know that you are doing the right thing then don’t let others put a negative spin on it – be your own cheerleader and don’t doubt your ability.

5.) If you win, what do you plan to do with the prize money and promotional products?

My heart is 100% in charities and I would put everything back into fundraising and holding charity events. I’ve already had to use some of the funds to pay for event set-ups, hosting and advertising but this will allow us to do more – specifically The Very Merry Christmas Project and The Inner Beauty Initiative.

You have until Sunday 6th December to vote for Natalie & Pink Lemonade Productions as Britain's Most Inspirational Business.


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