PVC Banner Tips, Examples & Design Ideas

PVC Banner Tips, Examples & Design Ideas

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02 Oct 2019

Need a way to catch attention? Large format PVC banners are an unbeatable outdoor promotional tool. 

The beauty of a vinyl banner is that you can use them no matter the weather – they won’t fade in the sun or get damaged by the rain. With the right design, you’ll be able to draw huge amounts of attention to your message – but there is an art to getting this just right. 

Use these quick tips on how to design a PVC banner for a quick and easy way to nail your outdoor promotions with print.


1.    Pick the Perfect Spot

Before you even start thinking about how to design a PVC banner, it’s important to think about where your PVC banner will go. A huge number of factors will depend on this – like the size, colour, messaging and orientation. 

One key thing to consider is where passers-by are going to see your banner. Will they walk past, drive by or be stood waiting for a bus or train? If it’s on a wall, what colours are going to clash with those bricks? How are you going to make it stand out in a leafy area?

All of these things will affect how you design your banner.

Once you’re ready, pick a banner size here.


2.    Write Short and Snappy Copy

What’s the one thing you want to tell the people who will see your sign? As big as these signs are, it’s crucial you stick to one clear message when designing your PVC banner. 

You want to grab attention from the get-go and make it easy for someone to understand your promotion with one swift glance – because that might be all the time your audience gets, especially if they’re in transit. A snappy message in a big font is the perfect way to do this.

Once crucial piece of copy you need to include on your banner design is a call to action – this tells your reader exactly what action you want them to take after seeing your sign. Examples might include ‘Call us for a quote on #’ or ‘Visit instore today!’.


3.   Design Ideas: Create a Big and Bold Design

To make sure your banner stands out and attracts customers, you’re going to have to go bold with your design. Use contrasting colours for your background and main text to help your message stand out on a busy street or roadside.  

If you’re an established brand, make the most of the colours people know you for! Or, if not, here’s how you can create a winning colour palette every time.


4.    Design Ideas: Use High Quality Images

For a PVC banner design that looks at its best, you’ll need to pick high-resolution images or shapes. Source your images on high-quality stock image sites or take them yourself with a good camera. Resolution should be no lower than 300dpi.


5.    Design Ideas: Pick Simple, Easy-to-Read Fonts

It’s always tempting to pick fancy fonts, cursive ones with big swooping letters. For a PVC banner, you want the opposite of this to make what you’re trying to say as obvious as possible for readers. 

We’d recommend using fonts that are clean and familiar, like Verdana or Helvetica. These are great examples of fonts that keep your design looking professional and easy to read. Find out more about picking fonts for readability here.


6.    Design Ideas:Use a Free Blank PVC Banner Design Template

Now you have all the knowledge you need to create the perfect PVC banner design, all that’s left is to get to work! Download a free banner template here – we’ve got options for the most popular design programs and a PDF version to make designing your banner as easy as possible. So what are you waiting for? Start designing now!


7.    Tying Your PVC Banner Up

When you receive your banner, the final stage is to tie it up or position it where you like. All our banners have a 15mm hem and ready-cut eyelets at approximately 500mm intervals to make setup a breeze!

The easiest surface to which to fasten your banner is a fence or railing. For smaller banners, we recommend using plastic cable ties; for larger ones, opt for metal cable ties.


We hope these tips help you to create a PVC banner design that stands out above the crowd. Once you’ve finished and printed your design, we’d love to see your PVC banner examples! Tag us on social media @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk for a chance to featured.

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