17 Tempting Branded Packaging Examples Customers Can't Wait to Unbox

17 Tempting Branded Packaging Examples Customers Can't Wait to Unbox

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18 Nov 2016

With so many products lining the shelves, it’s important to have packaging that stands out amongst the rest. The way packaging is designed can make a big difference to product sales, especially in an age when sustainability and biodegradable options are most desirable. Your package not only has to look good in order to sell your product, it also has to communicate your brand identity, what your brand stands for and what that means for your customer.


With this in mind, here’s a roundup of some of the best packaging designs to help you think outside of the box when it comes to showcasing your products…


Patch It Up

We all know the struggle of trying to unwrap a plaster. Luckily for us, Bandiful has come along to save the day with its easy-to-use, innovative band aid packaging.


Patch It Up 1.JPG

Image: thedieline.com

Patch It Up 2.JPG

Image: thedieline.com

Patch It Up 3.JPG

Image: thedieline.com

Patch It Up 4.JPG

Image: thedieline.com



All Things Orange

Disguising one healthy treat as another, and reminding us to pick up some carrots while we’re at it!


All Things Orange.JPG

Image: enfuzed.com



Colour Me Cheesy

Take a cheesy pencil, give it a quick sharpen and sprinkle it over your meal – genius!


Colour Me Cheesy 1.JPG

Image: buzzfeed.com

Colour Me Cheesy 2.JPG


 Image: buzzfeed.com



First of all, who doesn’t love a cookie delivery service? But when your cookies are delivered warm in oven-inspired packaging? YES!


Cookies to Go 1.JPG

Image: creativebloq.com

Cookies to Go 2.JPG

 Image: creativebloq.com



Bun in the Oven

Following the same strain as the cookie oven, these cupcake takeaway boxes are scrumptious! Just look at that oven mitt!


Bun in the Oven.JPG

Image: pinterest.com



Picnic in the Park

Fellow dog owners bow down to this brilliant on-the-go dog food packaging. Never again will we need to pack bags full of doggy supplies for a single day trip. It even has a built in bowl!


Picnic in the Park 2.JPG

Image: thedieline.com

Picnic in the Park 1.JPG

 Image: thedieline.com



Boxes in Bloom

We’ve never really understood the use of plastic bags for plants and flowers, especially as gardening is meant to help the environment. This clever packaging is made from biodegradable cardboard, with a sophisticated, minimalist design that makes your flowers look all the more stunning.


Boxes in Bloom 1.JPG

Image: coroflot.com

Boxes in Bloom 2.JPG


Image: coroflot.com



Tear and Share

While we’re on the subject of flowers… this gorgeous packaging design entitled ‘The Share Collection’ from premium flower brand Coco Fiori makes it easy for you to pick up a large bouquet and share it amongst your loved ones.


Tear and Share 1.JPG

Image: worldpackagingdesign.com


Tear and Share 2.JPG

Image: worldpackagingdesign.com

Tear and Share 3.JPG


Image: worldpackagingdesign.com

Tear and Share 4.JPG

Image: worldpackagingdesign.com



Show Your True Colours

This grocery bag was created to make us think about what we’re putting in our stomachs, and how much food is actually needed compared to how much we waste. Made with the intention of helping to cure hunger in New York City, it’s an incredible effective method for packaging your food.


Show Your True Colours.JPG

Image: imgur.com



Musical Ear-strument

This headphone package design by Corrine Pant reminds us that presentation is key (get it!).


Musical Ear-Strument 1.JPG

Image: pinterest.com

Musical Ear-Strument 2.JPG


 Image: pinterest.com



Lighting Bugs

As the shining light in a relatively dull packaging category, we love how playful these lightbulb boxes are, particularly how the designer has experimented with shape to incorporate the product into the package design.


Lighting Bugs.JPG

Image: creativebloq.com



Nail Bed

It’s not often you see packaging that makes nails look good! This simple but brilliant design allows the product to hang from the user’s belt loop, allowing for easy access when working. The design itself is cool and sophisticated, transforming a commonly mundane product into something more exciting.


Nail Bed.JPG

Image: pinterest




Walking on Air

Who needs a boring old shoebox when you can have this?! The designers for Nike Air have taken the moniker literally by sending out the popular sneakers in air-tight plastic bags. Not only does this give the illusion of floating trainers, but it also reduces the risk of any damage in transit!


Walking on Air 1.JPG

Image: pinterest.com

Walking on Air 2.JPG

 Image: pinterest.com



Face Paint  

We’re a little obsessed with this fantastic packaging idea from Poilu! Using just one piece of cardboard printed on both sides to band two paintbrushes together, the brushes have been dyed to look like moustaches and beard combos, with hilarious results!


Face Paint.JPG

Image: pinterest,com



Spaghetti Hair

This pasta packaging design concept is utterly genius! Just look at the image of the shelf below and try to tell us you wouldn’t pick up this pasta above the rest!


Spaghetti Hair 1.JPG

Image: behance.net

Spaghetti Hair 2.JPG

Image: behance.net

Spaghetti Hair 3.JPG


Spaghetti Hair 1.JPGImage: behance.net

Spaghetti Hair 4.JPG


 Image: behance.net


Any Way You Slice It

Anything that involves pizza is a winner in our eyes, but extra special mention to this excellent packaging for pizza by the slice.


Any Way You Slice It 1.JPG

Image: behance.net

Any Way You Slice It 2.JPG


 Image: behance.net

 Any Way You Slice It 3.JPG

 Image: behance.net



One Time at Tea Camp…

Drawing inspiration from Native American roots, design student Sophie Pepin created Teapee, a cute and clever way to package individual tea bags.


One Time at Tea Camp.JPG

Image: buzzfeed.com



Obsessed? We hear you! We’re never going to look at regular packaging in the same way again!


If you’re looking for cost-effective packaging ideas, why take a look at what’s on offer in our range? Stickers are a great touch for sealing cards or packages, and posters can make surprisingly awesome wrapping paper!













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