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Why is Print Marketing Important for a Successful Business?

Why is Print Marketing Important for a Successful Business?

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08 May 2019

In our ever-digital world, many marketeers will question the place of print marketing. When you can post a Facebook ad or send an email – is there really a need for promotional print in 2019? 

But there are situations where print is necessary for providing the right information, for example:

  • You’re in a restaurant and need to see the menu before ordering
  • You’re looking for a building and don’t have internet signal – you’ll have to rely on printed signs to guide you!
  • A poster in a shop window shows you there’s a special offer on (and you probably ignored the email saying the same thing)

We’ve explored why print marketing is still important and why, without print, we’d be lost (literally, in the sign example!).

  1. It's Portable

    The best thing about print is that you can take it anywhere – and you don’t need to charge it or connect it to the Wi-fi to use it. This makes it especially useful for things like voucher codes and loyalty cards; things that your customers can keep in their wallet and use when they next visit your store. 

    Print marketing’s portability also makes it ideal for use at events and exhibitions. You can give potential customers a presentation folder with your business cards and a small booklet advertising your product and service. This way, they’ll be taking a printed piece of your business home with them at the end of the event.

  2. It Can Maximise Your Reach

    It can be tempting to pit digital marketing and print against each other. But the real magic happens when you combine them both to maximise your reach. 

    Your target markets aren’t just on social media or scanning their emails, they’re out in the streets, driving along roads and spending time at home. They’re doing all of these things. Combine print and digital and use your marketing strategy to hone in on them in each possible scenario.

  3. It Has a High ROI

    ROI means return on investment. It’s how much you get back relative to how much you spend. Studies have shown that print advertising has the highest ROI of all advertising methods. And with online printers, like us, offering exceptional prices for high quality print, it’s easy to find affordable flyer or postcard printing to send out as part of your next direct mail marketing campaign.

  4. It's Trustworthy

    As well as a great ROI, print marketing materials are also super trustworthy. In our recent survey, we asked over 500 UK smartphone users who they trust with their data. Findings revealed that flyers are the least intrusive (7%) and most trustworthy (21%) form of marketing. Online ads trailed behind at 17%.

    This suggests that although marketers spend time and energy analysing data and tailoring online ads, they might not be gaining that all-important customer trust.

  5. It Can Boost Brand Visibility

    Making potential clients and customers aware of your brand is so important. You want to be at the front of their mind so it’s you they choose over your competitors.

    There are loads of ways print can help give your brand the edge, for example:

    •    Print custom mugs for your coffee shop
    •    Use branded letterheads for corporate and business letters
    •    Send flyers out to a local target audience reminding them of your products or services
    •    Place eye-catching flag banners outside your store on a busy road

    The more people see your logo and brand style on print media, the more likely they are to use your business.

  6. It's Tangible

    We remember things by how they affect our senses – especially our touch. This is called sensory memory and it’s evolutionary. For instance, when you touch something hot like a flame or iron, your brain remembers what that feels like to make sure you don’t do it again. Similarly, when we feel something nice, this evokes positive feelings.

    By making sure you choose premium quality stocks for your print and add extras like Spot UV or laminations, you can make your print stand out in a customer’s mind – for all the right reasons.


So, is print marketing important for a successful business? If used in the right way, 100%. The key to your print marketing success will depend on what you say and the quality of your offerings. Find out how to write effective sales copy for your next direct mail campaign here

Craig Wassell

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Hi, I’m Craig, instantprint’s Marketing Executive. I have a passion for discovering new and innovative ways small business owners can give their marketing a boost.