What To Put In A Presentation Folder Examples

What To Put In A Presentation Folder Examples

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24 Jul 2019

Presentation folders are a fantastic way to get marketing material in the hands of potential clients. But if you’ve never used one before, it can be tricky figuring out what exactly to put in a presentation folder. We’ve created this extensive guide to help you fill your folder and included several common examples of the different ways you can use them.

What to Put in a Presentation Folder for an Event

These folders are traditionally used for presentations at trade events, exhibitions, lectures and other professional events. An eye-catching branded folder design shows that you’re the expert in whatever it is you’re talking about and can also help convey your message in a stronger way. Here’s everything you need to include to give your folder that competitive edge:

An Introduction Letter

Give event attendees a brief introduction to your brand, your message and what exactly you’re going to be discussing. You’ll get extra brownie points if you print this on a custom letterhead design!

Business Cards

All good presentation folders offer a slot or two for your business card. This means that when attendees leave the event at the end of the day, they’re taking your contact information with them. Top tip: add your social media handles so people can check you out anywhere there’s mobile phone signal or an internet connection.

Educational Material

If you are a key speaker at an event, you’ll need educational materials like slideshow printouts and activity booklets to add to your prospectus folders too.

Promotional Merchandise

If you’re giving presentation folders out from a stand at an event, why not include some fun promotional merchandise your new potential customers can use time and again? It’s a great way to solidify your brand in their mind, so you’re the first business they think of when they need the services you offer. Add things you know will always come in handy, like bookmarks, notepads and pens with your logo on.


What to Put in a Presentation Folder for Sales

A presentation folder can also make an unbeatable secret weapon for any salesperson. Whether you’re looking to introduce the business or show off a new product line, it’s a handy way of handing over everything a potential customer might ever need to see. As well as all the marketing materials mentioned above, you could also include the following in your sales folder:

  • Folded leaflets
  • Data sheets
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • A business plan
  • Quotes


What to Put in Prospectus Folders for Potential Students

If you’re looking to attract students at an open day or event, a presentation folder is an essential tool. These kinds of events get really busy so it’s important to stand out, especially if you’re there to represent a popular university or college. 

Rather than handing out all your documents and merchandise separately and causing a queue that could put off some students, have a pile of easy-to-grab prospectus folders ready and waiting. 

You should include:

Alternatively, you could also hand out tote bags. They’ll give you a lot more room if you wanted to include merchandise like T-shirts and water bottles.


What to Put in a Presentation Folder as an Estate Agent

As an estate agent, much of your marketing literature is print-based, meaning you need a way to secure all these different pieces together. By handing over a presentation folder, you’re giving your clients all the necessary information they need to feel confident in their decision to purchase a property through you. Here’s what you can pop in these folders:

  • Property brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Valuations
  • Appraisals
  • Welcome letter
  • Important information for the buyer


We hope these examples of what to put in a presentation folder have proved useful. Ready to make a start? Discover the right folder for you on our UK website along with our free downloadable templates. We love to see your presentation folder designs – make sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter and include the hashtag #instantprintuk. 


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