What is a Table Talker Actually Used For?

What is a Table Talker Actually Used For?

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03 Jan 2020

What is a Table Talker?

Table talkers are a multi-faced point of sale display popular in the services and retail industries. Often with three, four or six faces, they are most often used as counter or tabletop displays and made from either card or clear plastic so they stand up independently.

At instantprint, our table talkers have three faces. They arrive flat so they’re less likely to get damaged in transit and have a peel-off sticky tab to assemble on arrival. 


Table talkers are one of the most popular POS (Point of Sale) promotional tools out there, and you’ve probably seen them used in loads of different ways, but what’s the best way to use them for your business? We’ve gathered our top table talker ideas and how to use them so you can get some inspiration!


6 Popular Table Talker Ideas

The following options are all popular ways to use table talkers as both promotional POS tools and for personal use. 

  1. Wedding Table Talkers
    Table talkers are a great way to number your tables to help guests find their way to their seats before a wedding breakfast or other wedding meal. You can also use wedding table talkers to detail each course of the meal – if the meal is three courses long, even better! It’s a perfect fit! 

    Not sure the best way to design something like this? You can use our free wedding table talker design templates and customise them to suit your event.

    (White Cherry Invitations)

  2. Restaurant Table Talkers
    Table talkers are also a great way to advertise set menus and special offers in your café or restaurant. Since you’ll be using each ‘face’ for one dish, you can get really visual with high quality photographs of the food to tempt customers into ordering specific meals. They’re also easy to brand in a way that matches the interior décor of your restaurant – just add your logo and colours to the design and keep fonts consistent with your main menu. 

    They’re also a great choice for bar menus as multiple people can view them at once, unlike a standard flat menu. Pop a few along your bar to make the happy hour rush a little easier!

  3. Price Lists
    Thanks to their tall skinny shape, table talkers are also often used as price lists and work great in salons, spas and other businesses that have set prices for different services. They can be placed in full view on a counter or reception desk, so customers can review prices before making a decision. 

    With three sides, you could keep your prices on one side and any special deals on the other two to entice customers into spending a little more.

  4. Support a Cause
    Rather than sticking to a classic pile of flyers, why not scatter some table talkers around a waiting room to promote a cause? By standing up, these neat little tools stand out from other, flatter marketing materials and force readers – especially ones waiting around for an appointment – to notice. 

    We love this example of an NHS table talker which gives facts about the risks of high blood pressure. The key to being so effective is the strong call to action: Don’t wait to find out if you have high blood pressure! 

    (Gemma Dobin)

  5. Keep Up with Seasonal Trends
    Looking for a way to incorporate seasonal marketing into your menu or product offering? Table tents offer a great solution – especially since they’re easy to recycle when you’re finished with them and cheap to repurchase throughout the year. Lots of restaurants use 3-face table talkers to show seasonal dishes, whereas retailers use them for seasonal sales, like Black Friday and Christmas deals.

  6. Advertise Events
    One of the ways we love to use table talkers here at instantprint HQ is to remind colleagues of upcoming events. And this works just as well for customers in a retail environment! Simply list all the need-to-know details (and some enticing sneak previews of what to expect from the event) to show off your event. 


Design Your Own!

Ready to reap the benefits of table talkers for your business and put some of these ideas to the test? Start designing your own table talkers online for print with our free online design tool! Or check out our full point of sale printing range for more promotion essentials.


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