Stylish Business Stationery Designs to Inspire Your Own

Stylish Business Stationery Designs to Inspire Your Own

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02 Aug 2016

Business stationery doesn’t have to be the stuffy printer paper and tacky note cards you remember. Custom stationery sets are having a revival – and we are pumped for it! With desirable stationery in all shapes and styles saturating the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, paper correspondence is all the rage.

There are lots of benefits to using stationery for your business communications. With so many businesses moving solely online, sending out compliment slips to customers or correspondence cards to potential investors can help make your company seem more personable. If you include your branding as part of the design, even better. Not only will it show your audience that you pay close attention to detail, but it can help to highlight your professionalism and strengthen your brand identity. 

If you include your branding as part of the design, even better. Not only will it show your audience that you pay close attention to detail, but it can help to highlight your professionalism and strengthen your brand identity. 

To give you an idea of the impact that branded stationery can have, we’ve rounded up a collection that is too cool for school! As each of these stylish examples demonstrate, great design, strong branding and a more personal approach to correspondence can help transform your business from ‘so-so’ to successful.


All Things Bright and Beautiful

Now this is what we call a head-turner! Using yellow really helps this brand to stand out from the rest. The clean and chic design doesn’t do any harm either! Using one brand colour is a great way to theme your stationery and keep everything consistent. We think this bold style works particularly well because, although the colour and pattern are fun and loud, the important information is clean and simple – this way, you’re not overpowered by the design and the necessary bits are easy to read.


 All Things Bright and Beautiful.JPG



Dark Horse

In stark contrast to the above, we’re completely enamoured by this dark and daring design. With its opaque tones and floral patterns, it’s a stationery kit to go wild for! The only way we can think to improve this dark, matt design is to introduce a little Spot UV to the business cards. This luxurious finish contrasts perfectly with black and gives a high-end feel to the print.


 Dark Horse.JPG



Flower Power

Speaking of florals, these peonies pack a real punch! With a stunning logo and a finish that manages to look both eco-friendly and high-end, we’d be waiting by the post box for this one! Another bold stationery set, this one also follows a similar style to the first by keeping the main text simple and easy to read.


 Flower Power.JPG



Green with Envy

Talk about on point! Plant-themed designs are popping up everywhere lately, so why not use one for your stationery too? If this stylish set was ours, we’d be sending out letters all day! Show how green your business really is by choosing recycled business cards for your business stationery set.


Green with Envy.JPG



Minty Fresh

The key to great branding is to pick a strong colour scheme and run with it. This mint green and nude combo is super stylish. And if there’s one way to head up a letter, it’s with confident typography that scream ‘this is us!’! We love how the compliment slip in this example leaves plenty of room for a handwritten note.


Minty Fresh.JPG 



Pure and Simple

As this letterhead design proves, less can be so much more. While we often pass off the colour beige as a tad dull, there’s nothing boring whatsoever about this minimal finish. Clean, calming and pure class; it’s the perfect blank canvas for your communications. We love a simple but effective business stationery design here at instantprint!


Pure and Simple.JPG 



Colour Pop

This company shows us how it’s done with great use of colour, a striking logo and branding that’s rolled out across all mediums. The positioning of the logo at the bottom of the letter is a nice touch too. Using stickers as part of your business stationery arsenal is also a fantastic addition and a fun touch. Perfect for brands that like to think outside the box, like this one.


Colour Pop.JPG



Grey Matters

This is certainly not your run-of-the-mill invoice, but who says that business documents have to be conventional?  Go against the grain and add a few block pastels. While you’re at it, throw in a trendy pattern for the back of your invoice too, just like this eye-catching grey number!


Grey Matters.JPG



Earn Your Stripes

Stripes will never go out of fashion. We love how this design uses long lines to draw your eye. So much so that the logo runs right off the page, giving you the sense that this company goes above and beyond! As well as fantastic stickers, this set also features a set of greetings cards. Not only do they give your more room to write on than a compliment slip, but they’re also something a client can display proudly on their desk to remind them of your brand.


Earn Your Stripes.JPG



Catching Waves

If their letterhead is anything to go by, this is one cool company! With bold colours and chunky graphics, you’d definitely sit up and pay attention if you got this letter in the post! This is the opposite of a stuffy boring letterhead of the past! We love how the waves ride high enough that they reach the text and the turquoise border on the business cards is a nice touch.


Catching Waves.JPG



Feeling inspired? Us too! To ensure that your recipients recognise you instantly, follow suit and spruce up your communications. Put an eye-catching spin on the design and make sure everything you send out is bang on brand. You’d be surprised how much this seemingly small detail can give you the edge over competitors! Check out our full range of business stationery now.


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