Print for The School Holidays

Print for The School Holidays

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14 Jul 2023

For most of us, the thought of summer fills us with energy and excitement. Adults and children alike look forward to a heap of celebrations and holidays, school teachers revel in a well-deserved break, and club organisers welcome children through their doors for a season of fun and adventure.

For those among us that organise and run term-time activity clubs, this time of the year can be exciting but super busy. We understand that running your own term-time club isn't always easy or simple, and planning and preparation can make or break success. That's why we’ve created this handy guide on how you can utilise print to stay prepared this summer and ensure your guests have an experience they’ll never forget.

Gaging Interest with Advertisement

To kick-start, you’ll want to market your club to showcase what you have to offer this holiday season. You can spread the word by posting flyers and posters around your local area, and create handy brochures to hand out in places with heavy foot traffic. Some hotspots you can leverage would be schools, shops, libraries, community centres and central small businesses, where your target audience is most likely to see them. 

On the material, you will want to include all the essential information about your club including the activities you have planned and any dates or times these are available. You will want to put on all of your materials contact details for people to enquire, including important information and a clear call to action (CTA). This could be ‘call now to book’ or ‘enquire online today’. 

Preparation is Key

Making sure you’re prepared for the adventures ahead is an essential part of running a successful activity club. You’ll want to ensure you have enough materials for your guests and extras for any emergencies. But don't worry, we’ve got you covered - we’ve created a handy club essentials list you can use to make sure you have everything you need


  • Sign-in sheets: As it says on the tin - use to record guests' arrivals and departures.


  • Name stickers: A great icebreaker, create colourful stickers for guests to write their names on and introduce themselves to new friends.


  • Profile packs: Use presentation folders and folded leaflets to keep guest information enclosed in one handy place. You can even utilise this as a keepsake for guests to take home when they leave.


  • Certificates and praise materials: Celebrate accomplishments by rewarding guests with a certificate for a job well done or a personalised sticker. You can design fun certificate templates and include a heartfelt message to motivate participation in activities.


  • Activity timetables: Print out an itinerary to increase engagement and excitement for the next activity as you follow the trail of whats next.


  • Activity books: A space for guests to record information. You can utilise this as an educational notepad or an experience tracker.



  • Signage: Make navigation simple and easy and signpost guests and parents to the correct areas with expert signage.


Activity Inspiration

Whether you’re a specialist sports club or an all-inclusive summer club, we’ve ideated some fantastic activities you can use for your guests to keep motivation high and the energy flowing


Collaborative Art Projects

Promote teamwork with your group by organising collaborative art projects where your guests can work together to create large-scale artwork pieces. You can do this by printing multiple parts of a larger image and letting each guest colour or paint their piece. You can then give them the free reign to utilise their creative minds together and assemble the individual artworks to reveal the complete masterpiece. 

You can display the complete piece in a communal space, showcasing the collective creativity of your members, fostering teamwork, pride, and a sense of accomplishment.


Engaging the Mind with Activity Hour

Printed activity workbooks can serve as the perfect companion for children during the school holidays. You can create themed workbooks tailored to different age groups and interests, filled with puzzles, colouring pages, quizzes, and brain teasers. 

Not only will these workbooks keep your guests engaged and entertained, but they also promote cognitive development and learning. 


HIIT the Spot with Exercise

Children have bounds of energy, and it's always a good idea to get them involved in a physical activity game. 

As well as being good for health, exercising can be super fun and efficient in calming down a rowdy bunch of school kids. Here’s a list of children-approved activities that you may want to consider

  • Climbing frames and walls
  • Football and basketball
  • Fencing and archery
  • Dance class

You can create performance sheets and make the games competitive to increase engagement and motivate participation. Split your groups into teams in a battle of the best!


Leaving a Lasting Impression

Your guests' experience doesn’t end when the activities do. 

For most children, being part of a summer holiday club is a memory that sticks with them forever. The hours of endless fun and new friendships made continue with them as they spill out your exit doors, bursting with excitement to boast about the adventures they’ve partaken in to eagerly anticipating parents. 

To make their experience even more memorable, you can gift your guests with packs to take home with the certificates they have earnt, projects they have worked on or pieces they have made. Parents will especially enjoy this as it provides a keepsake for them to hang on their walls or magnetise to fridges. 


In Conclusion

In a digitally dominated world, it's undeniable that print offers a unique and valuable way to engage guests during the school holidays, and by incorporating print into your activity plans you can watch your club thrive as you increase engagement, nurture creativity and create memorable experiences that will last forever. 

Leverage the power of print materials today to keep footfall coming through your doors.


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