How to Use Stickers at Christmas

How to Use Stickers at Christmas

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11 Oct 2022

Effective, affordable and fun – there’s no wonder why branded stickers are such a popular print tool at Christmas. Adding your logo to a sticker is a great way to instantly brand products and packaging, but how else can custom sticker printing boost brand awareness and marketing campaigns at Christmas?

In this guide, we’ll cover all the best ways to use Christmas stickers to benefit your business this winter.


1. Christmas Gift Labels

Whether you’re sending a corporate gift out to your top clients, giving your team a token of appreciation or creating a design to sell to your customers, Christmas gift label printing is a great way to add a personalised touch to keep your brand at the front of everyone’s minds.

Christmas gift wrapped in brown craft paper with a label

According to research from Salesforce, an overwhelming 97% of marketers witnessed a rise in business outcomes as a result of personalisation, including a 20% higher revenue. Adding a ‘to’ and ‘from’ section to your gift labels gives you space to handwrite the recipient's name, which can help make your gift seem tailored to its recipient.


2. Christmas Card Envelope Stickers

Greetings cards make for a great direct mail campaign at Christmas. A card allows you to express feelings of gratitude to your customers – and if they put a piece of your branding up on the mantelpiece this festive season, you’ll be pretty hard to forget!

Adding a discount code to your Christmas card incentivises customers to place another order, and adds extra value to your mailbox campaign.

Although many Christmas card printers supply envelopes with your order, these are often not branded. But you can easily add your own branding by sealing them with a logo sticker!

Brown Christmas card envelope sealed with a sticker

Want to arrange a Christmas card direct mail campaign and send cards out in the post to your customers? Get in touch with our business account team and we’ll be happy to set that up for you!


3. Christmas Sale Stickers

If you’re planning on hosting a Boxing Day sale, stickers are a necessity for labelling your reduced items clearly for customers. 

A Christmas sale display with a red sale sticker on the window

According to the study Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that up to 90% of product-buying decisions can be based on colour alone. Red is well-known for creating a sense of urgency, which is why it’s the colour most commonly associated with sales. However, yellow can also be an extremely effective sales sticker colour as its cheerfulness and optimism can also encourage impulse buyers.


4. Personalised Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottles not only make for great corporate gifts, but they’re also a favourite for awards evenings and the work Christmas party. And adding your branding is easy with custom bottle labels!

Wine bottle label design example

The benefit of adding your branding to wine bottles is that those enjoying the bottle will associate those good feelings with your brand. It’s also a great way to boost brand awareness and recognition because it’s another way to get your name out there.


5. Window Display Stickers

In the UK, we have a long history of decorating department store windows for Christmas, with Selfridges starting this trend in 1909 for the grand opening of its London Oxford Street flagship store.

Christmas vinyl window sticker in a shop window display

As well as showcasing sales and special buys, Christmas is one of the few times of the year where shop windows display more abstract designs, selling a vibe rather than a product. If you’re planning on dressing your shop window for Christmas this year, be sure to include a vinyl window sticker to form the main message of your display.


Create Your Own Christmas Stickers

Ready to start creating your own winning Christmas campaign with stickers? Choose from a range of classic, waterproof and large format vinyl stickers for a campaign that makes your brand stick! Or, customise one of our free templates for a professional Christmas sticker design in minutes.


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