How to Set Up a Roller Banner

How to Set Up a Roller Banner

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10 Dec 2018


You’ve just received your personalised roller banner through the post. You take it out of the carry case, knowing it’s going to be the perfect accompaniment for your custom exhibition stand. The online printing journey was pretty seamless, but how about the set-up? 
If you’re unsure on how to set your roller banner up (or disassemble and put away) – or you just want to know the best practice to keep your banner from getting damaged – we’ve created a handy video showing you exactly how easy it is. 




Assembly Instructions

1.    Every retractable banner you order with us comes with a free carry case. First things first, remove your banner from the case.

2.    The feet on the metal casing are there to help your retractable banner stand up strong and sturdy. Turn them around (as pictured below) and place the banner on the floor.

3.    Now, take the pole out of the case and extend it to full length.

4.    With the banner graphic (your design) facing away from you, place your foot on one of the metal feet.

5.    Pull up the retractable banner to chest height.

6.    Fit the pole connector into the bar at the top of the retractable banner.

7.    Using the pole, finish extending the retractable banner to full height.

8.    Once your banner reaches full height, secure the other end of the pole into the metal case at the base of the retractable banner.
When you’re putting your retractable banner up, be careful not to release it until it’s fully retracted – otherwise, your banner could get damaged.


Disassembly Instructions

1.    Hold the top of the banner with one hand. 

2.    Place your foot on one of the metal feet on the metal case to keep it stable.

3.    With your other hand, remove the bottom end of the pole from the metal case – but make sure you keep the top of the pole connected to the banner.

4.    Gently, let the banner retract back into its case until it’s at chest height

5.    Keeping your hand on the top of the banner, remove the pole from the top and gently lower it into the case.

6.    Turn the feet back in and place your retractable banner and pole back into the travel case.


Now that you’re a retractable banner pro, there’s nothing stopping you from taking the world by storm at trade events up and down the country. If you have any other questions about setting up your retractable banner, we’re happy to help. Get in touch with our customer service team by popping an email across to us at



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