How Print Can Boost Your Black Friday Sales

How Print Can Boost Your Black Friday Sales

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17 Oct 2023

Black Friday 2023 is quickly approaching, with many businesses well underway with getting their promotional material ready to entice customers with amazing deals ahead of the festive period. 

For many businesses, this can become one of the busiest sales periods of the year, so it’s a perfect reason to prepare a strong Black Friday marketing strategy in anticipation. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top ways to make the most out of print to increase the visibility of your business this Black Friday and ultimately help boost your sales volume!

When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a yearly sales event which falls on the final Friday of November! Some customers love Christmas shopping on Black Friday, with the aim of saving money from flash sales, making it a lucrative opportunity for many businesses.


Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Data from SaleCycle shows that there are many benefits to Black Friday for businesses, with many participating each year. To help you really stand out from the competition, we’ve gathered some useful ideas and tips to help you drive more revenue.


Build Up Your Black Friday Event

Black Friday offers tend to be exciting for businesses and customers alike, so it could be a great idea to start putting up Black Friday posters around your business, both indoors and around the local vicinity. 

For maximum impact, take the time to advertise your promotions before the big day so your customers are aware that you’ll be participating. For example, if you run a hospitality business, such as a bar, cafe or restaurant, using table talkers could be a great way to promote your special offers in plain sight. 

Remember, making your customers aware that Black Friday is coming will put your business at the front of their minds ready for when the day arrives!


Create a Sense of Urgency

Being a one day event, you can utilise the power of urgency to make sure your customers know that they need to take action if they don’t want to miss out. If a customer is excited by the deals you’re going to offer, they’re more likely to place an order or make a purchase.

By making it clear that you’re going to be offering promotions, customers will be ready to make the most of your deals. You could consider purchasing some roller banners advertising your upcoming sale, adding emphasis on the fact that it’s one day only. You’ll be able to display your offers on the go, so if you’ve got any events before Black Friday, the message can come with you.

By creating a sense of urgency, customers are more likely to check out your offerings on the day to make sure they’ve not missed an amazing opportunity.


Reward Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty is super important! It’s likely that they’re main drivers of your revenue and engagement so it’s incredibly important to ensure that they’re kept in the loop and of course rewarded for their custom.

To help keep your loyal customer base engaged, you could consider creating a direct mail campaign. Here, you can reach out to your customers direct to their door with a targeted flyer, leaflet or stapled booklet that outlines some of the offers which they can benefit from on Black Friday. If you’ve never created a direct mail campaign before, we’ve put together 7 great tips to help you get started.

Another great way to reward your loyal customers, whilst also getting them to spend, is by offering them exclusive vouchers. Our perforated flyers are ideal for handing out to your customers in person, or in the post. With these vouchers, you’ll be able to tear off part of the flyer once redeemed, allowing you to track how many were used, this is also a great way to measure and track metrics such as ROI.


Take Your Black Friday Campaigns Outdoors

Whether you’re a physical store or online retailer, utilising outdoor advertising is a great way to plug your Black Friday offers to potential customers! 

Create stand out flags to advertise your offers outdoors so passers by can see that you’ll be participating in Black Friday. You could consider adding your website and social media handles to all of your outdoor printed material, so customers can easily find you and keep up to date and with your business in the long run. 

We’ve got a range of outdoor print which can help you advertise your Black Friday offers come rain or shine, including PVC banners, aluminium signs and A-Frames! Easily advertise your business anywhere.


How Online Businesses Can Use Print

Even online businesses can utilise print marketing to maximise their Black Friday promotions and undoubtedly capture the attention of their customers.

During the build up to Black Friday, you can also make use of smaller print items such as business cards. You can consider handing them out to customers or include them in their delivery packaging. Using business cards to pop a small message or discount code in relation to Black Friday, is a quick and easy way to capture customers attention.
You could also consider sending exclusive invitations to your top customers with a message including the date of Black Friday and some clues about the promotions you’ll have. Giving these customers a personalised invitation is likely to spark their motivation to spend on the day, as they’ll feel valued for their custom!


What To Do When Black Friday Ends

Whenever you’ve participated in an event, such as Black Friday, it’s always worth building lasting, healthy relationships with your customers. You’ll likely have engaged with previous customers along with acquiring new customers, so now’s the perfect time to make sure that you’re doing everything to maintain these new connections.

You could consider sending a follow up direct mail campaign to add an amazing personal touch to your next means of communication with your newly acquired customers. With Black Friday falling just before December, you could consider sending Christmas Cards with a friendly message thanking your customers for their custom whilst wishing them a Happy New Year. Adding this human element will help your business stand out and is a great way to be remembered.


In Conclusion

Carefully devising Black Friday deals that captivate your customers requires thorough planning and preparation but with the right print materials by your side, kicking off the festive period has never been easier.

Ensure you make the most of urgency and highlight your offers at various touchpoints throughout your customers journey to ensure your reach the right people at the right time!


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