How Fabric Display Stands Can Boost Your Brand

How Fabric Display Stands Can Boost Your Brand

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28 Apr 2023

When it comes to promoting your brand, it's important to stand out from the crowd. In today's competitive market, you need to make a lasting impression on potential customers. That's where our fabric display stands come in.

Fabric display stands are versatile, cost-effective, and eye-catching. They can be used for a variety of applications, from trade shows to in-store displays. In this guide, we'll explore how stands can help boost your brand and give you an edge over the competition.


Benefits of Fabric Display Stands

If you're looking for an effective way to promote your brand at events, exhibitions, or in-store displays, fabric display stands are a smart choice. Not only are they professional-looking, but they're also customisable to suit your brand's needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of using display stands:

1. Stand out from the crowd

Fabric display stands are an effective way to catch people's attention. Our fabric displays can be double-sided, meaning they can be seen from all angles by potential customers. The fabric material also helps to create a sleek and professional look finish to ensure your brand stand out.

2. Easy to Assemble

Our fabric display stands are designed for convenience. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, making them ideal for events where time is of the essence. They also feature a numbered tube frame that easily clicks together, meaning they can be put together in minutes! Our fabric display stands come with a carry bag for easy transport.

3. Versatile and customisable

You can choose from two shapes; straight and curved. Available in a range of sizes and two unique shapes your stand its totally customisable. Our stretch fabric displays range from 1m to 6m, and our curved fabric displays range from 2.5m to 6m. With a range of sizes available, there’s something for every space.

4. Reusable and cost-effective

Fabric display stands are a cost-effective investment. They can be used over and over again, making them a smart choice for businesses on a budget. Additionally, their durability ensures that they will last for years to come. Not only are they durable, but their use again nature makes them a more sustainable choice too!

5. Machine-washable and durable

Our fabric displays are designed to be both durable and easy to clean. They can easily be machine-washed time and time again to keep your graphics looking fresh for every event. The fabric material is also easy to store, so it can be packed away safely after use.


Types of Fabric Display Stands

There are many types of fabric display stands to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. Here are two popular options:

1. Stretch Straight Fabric Displays

Stretch straight fabric displays are a popular choice for trade shows and events. 

These displays are made from a stretchy fabric material that fits snugly over an aluminium frame, creating a sleek and modern look. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customised with your own graphics and messaging.

2. Curved Stretch Fabric Displays

Curved stretch fabric displays offer a more unique and eye-catching display option. 

These displays feature a curved aluminium frame that is covered with a stretchy fabric material. The curve creates a dynamic and exciting display that is sure to catch the eye of passers-by. Like stretch straight fabric displays, curved displays can also be customised with your own graphics and messaging.



When to Use Fabric Display Stands

Fabric display stands are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. Here are some common places where fabric display stands can make a big impact:

1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Fabric display stands are a popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions because they're easy to transport and set up, while still making a big visual impact. Whether you're showcasing your products or promoting your brand, fabric display stands will ensure you stand out from the crowd and attract more attention.

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2. Pop-up Events and Promotions

If you're hosting a pop-up event or promotion, fabric display stands can help you create an inviting. You can use them to display your products, showcase your branding, or even create a photo backdrop for social media opportunities.

3. In-Store Displays and Backdrops

Fabric display stands can be used to highlight specific products or promotions or to create a branded backdrop for events or photo opportunities. They could also be used to bring attention to a brand-new product.

4. Outdoor Events and Festivals

Finally, fabric display stands can be a great choice for outdoor events and festivals. They're lightweight and straightforward to set up. Plus, they can help you create a professional presence at outdoor events, which can be especially important if you're competing with other vendors or exhibitors.


In Conclusion

As you've seen in this guide, fabric display stands are a powerful tool for promoting your brand and standing out from the competition. From their versatility and customisation options to their lightweight and portable design, there are many benefits to choosing fabric display stands for your next event.

If you're interested in purchasing fabric display stands for your business be sure to check out our range here at instantprint. 

With a variety of fabric displays available in different sizes, you're sure to find the perfect fit. 


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