Benefits of using Crack-Back Stickers

Benefits of using Crack-Back Stickers

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10 Oct 2023

We’re excited to launch an innovative new product, Crack-Back® Plus stickers! Not only are they a unique product compared to other stickers on the market by the way they peel, but they’re also a great accompaniment to your existing marketing materials.

In this blog, we’ll go over the benefits of using Crack-Back stickers and the ways you can use them within your business.


Easy Application & Durability

The first benefit of using crack-back stickers is how user-friendly they are. The diagonal lines simplify the peel-off process, which helps the application and position of larger labels. Crack-back stickers are the ideal solution for covering large areas easily and professionally.

Simply peel off a segment from the back, and the rest will quickly follow, this makes crack back stickers perfect for anyone who may have accessibility issues when it comes to mobility, the backing is easily removed, no fiddling!

The scored lines on the back of the sticker open easily, preventing damage to the face and making the label-less vulnerable to moisture.

Another feature of crack-back stickers is their high resistance to wear and tear. Due to the durability of the backing paper and the stiffness of scored lines, you don’t have to worry about the stickers losing their adhesiveness or the design fading or becoming worn. They’re also easily attached to most common surfaces.

Crackback Stickers Example


Uses for Crack Back Stickers

At instantprint, we sell our crackback stickers in sizes ranging from A6 to A4. This means that our crackback stickers can be used for multiple uses. Some of these include:

A6 Size:

  • Sealing envelopes: This size is ideal for adding a personal touch to a letter or card, using a custom design message.
  • Product labelling: Easily add this to a product, such as crafts or food/drink containers.
  • Invitations: Add invitation stickers to ensure your friends, family or customers never lose the message.

A5 Size:

  • Instructional Labels: Use to add important instructions on machinery or walls.
  • Presentation materials: A5 Stickers can be used to make presentations engaging and memorable.
  • Reminders: Need a list of things that you can’t lose? A5 size stickers are a perfect size for that.

A4 Size:

  • Large signage: Use these stickers is replacement of signage, that can be easily stuck to walls.
  • Educational materials: Educate your audience by using crackback stickers.
  • Showcasing marketing materials: Need something to shout about? These stickers can be used as a easy marketing display tool.
  • Stick to charity and collection buckets: Add your logo or information to a bucket, adding trustworthiness to the cause.


Crack back stickers also come in two stocks! 80gsm Matt – a smooth and non-shiny finish and 80gsm gloss – a super shiny and glossy finish.

These are just some of the ways that you can use crackback stickers for your business. If you have any other alternative uses, please share them with us on our Instagram page.


Less Waste

We’re super excited to share that crack back stickers have a range of environmental perks in line with our sustainability strategy. Compared to most stickers, crack back production creates less waste and scrap materials. You can save up to 25% of material thanks to a more efficient sheet design.

Their easy to print design also means that less chance of the stickers having to be re-printed.



Overall, crack-back stickers are a highly effective marketing product that can benefit your business. Not only are they easy to apply and durable, but they also have several usages and less waste compared to other sticker options.

If you would like to try our Crackback Stickers, please check out the templates to set your design print-ready.



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