11 Benefits of T-Shirt Marketing for Your Startup

11 Benefits of T-Shirt Marketing for Your Startup

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08 Nov 2018

With custom T-shirt printing becoming more and more accessible and affordable by the day, now’s the perfect time to add them to your startup’s marketing plan. Some of the best, most innovative campaigns have included T-shirts – those famous ‘I heart NY’ tees originate from a marketing campaign for New York State, and this logo is now a pop culture icon!

But why does T-shirt marketing work so well? And why should you consider T-shirts for your startup business’ next campaign? We’ve gathered our top benefits and popped them all in one handy location to help you decide your next step.


  1. They’re Cost Effective

Thanks to modern technology, men’s and women’s custom printed t-shirts are pretty cheap. Garment printed tees are particularly great as there’s no limit when it comes to colour. You can print on a number of coloured materials using any kind of colours in your t-shirt design you like.

This is extremely beneficial to small businesses. If you’re limited by your marketing budget, or you want a tool that gives great return, affordable t-shirt printing is the perfect solution.


  1. They’re Versatile

T-shirt are essentially a blank canvas. You can personalise them however you want. If you want to put your company’s logo in the top right corner, you can. Your business’ name in the middle? Do it! A fun illustration? Yes! As well as making t-shirt designing really fun and creative for graphic designers, you can determine the entire function of your tee based on how it’s designed.


  1. They Make Great Uniforms

As well as making super cheap uniforms, they’re also so comfy. And what’s better than something that makes your team look the part and makes them feel comfortable too?

Uniforms have a huge range of benefits of their own too:

  • They create a strong brand image
  • They work as free advertising
  • They save your employees money
  • They improve team spirit
  • They make staff easy to identify
  • They give staff a sense of responsibility


  1. They’re Long-Lasting

Campaigns only last so long and, the chances are, a t-shirt will have a longer life span than the campaign they were used for. This means they’re perfect for prolonging brand awareness even after your marketing strategy has played out.

Making sure your t-shirt design is versatile enough to be worn after the event you’re using them for is key. To do this, you’ll need to strike a balance between an awesome design and your business’ branding.


  1. They’re Recognisable

The best bit about shirts? Everyone already knows what they are and how they work. It’s not like you’re introducing the newest piece of technology and having to teach people how to use them.

People will also tend to know what size they are too, which makes giving them out at events or selling them a lot easier!


  1. They Promote Your Business on the Go

Wearable advertising. Sounds like a pipedream, right? Wrong! Whether you sell branded tees to your customers or give them to your staff for uniform, when there are people walking around wearing your design or logo on a T-Shirt it’s huge for increasing brand awareness.


  1. They’re Classic

One of the reasons t-shirts are so popular is because they’re trend-proof. Although t-shirts were originally worn as undergarments, t-shirt marketing itself grew to prominence in the 1960s and 70s with brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney.

In the 90s, many companies also started using logos on their t-shirts to brand them – like The Gap and Ralph Lauren. From then on, t-shirts – especially branded ones – have become more and more popular!


  1. They Make Great Giveaway Prizes

Looking for a way to boost engagement on your social media channels or your email click through rate? Offering a custom t-shirt as a prize with your logo on can help achieve two things:

  • Customers get a tangible prize
  • They help you spread brand awareness when they use the t-shirt

Make sure the competition or giveaway is challenging enough to be interesting, but not so difficult that it’d put people off. Asking followers to send in a picture of something they’ve made is a popular giveaway style.


  1. They Help Build Brand Trust

Did you know? 85% of consumers agree that the quality of print indicates the quality of a business’ services. Whether you hand shirts out or sell them, it’s crucial that you get them printed professionally so they’re the highest possible quality.

Once the recipient receives their custom t-shirt, their trust in your brand will be determined by their impression of this print product. By making it a shirt to remember, this customer is more likely to shop with your again in the future!


  1. They Make You Identifiable

Make sure you look the part at your next big trade show or event by giving your team branded t-shirts. As well as creating a sleek and polished look that matches your exhibition display stand, attendees will know who to direct any questions towards if you’re all wearing shirts with your logo on.


  1. They Can Increase Revenue

Once you’ve got your t-shirt designed and printed, why not sell them? Making money from your custom designs is a great way of earning a little extra on the side of your business.

Just like the GAP branded tees and hoodies, logo t-shirts are increasingly popular – especially if you already have a loyal fanbase. If you don’t want it as big as the GAP logo, or in the centre of the shirt, you can always have your logo small and subtle in the top right or left of the shirt.


T-shirts are a sure-fire way of boosting your startup’s marketing plan – so why not include them in your next campaign? You can start designing your own personalised t-shirts right now! Once you’ve received you tees, we’d love to see a picture. Tag us on social media @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk for a chance to be featured!


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